Thursday, 23 September 2010

What real women want!

Odore Naturale

Aqua di Parma men’s cologne?
(That) gender bender feromone !
When you’re with me,
I pre-fer to be
Turned on by real testosterone!

Pepe, darling! What is that you're wearing?
Eau de sewer. Like it?
Oh yes, much nicer than your usual odeur du bumsquirt!

Grrrr! Lurve it when you speak French!

Prompt: Magpie Tales


  1. It always sounds so much better in French.....

  2. LOL!!!! odeur du ... soo funny!!

  3. Everything sounds better in french, even eau de sewer, maybe Chanel would market it?

  4. LMAO. Great Magpie. Love and Light, Sender

  5. I'm laughing me ass off too! Good lord you're so dang clever with words...and a picture perfect photo to garnish your poem!

  6. What a wit you have!
    testosterone..does it for me
    your writing is like a burst of sunshine
    loved it

  7. What a cute little drama you have imagined! Back after the first.

  8. That sounds as though Dorothy Parker could have written it :-)

  9. Now you may have indeed taken flirting to another level -- just not sure what level. Too much fun, with an aire o' romance


  10. Stepped up and swigged a warm
    beer, jacked up your maleness
    and stroked your humor gland,
    and spoke for all of us, sir.
    Thanks for the giggle, and the
    barely mantled jest needed
    to be tossed into the
    magpie nest.

  11. Oh Stafford Brillant...and I must are Sooo! right...bkm

  12. Those cute little skunks,what scent bothers them?...all too funny..

  13. Bwahahahahaha, hilarious Stafford! Skunks with attitude and accents - what more could you ask for - ooolala!

  14. It is a great Magpie, and I can't believe that you were on a sort of wavelength with me regarding skunks. Where I went with a previously posted poem about perfume, I tried through the day to conjure up something using skunks as the theme so that I could post one of my home videos of the skunks who dine nightly in our backyard! We have at least three and have seen as many as seven. They are used to my husband and me and stand still while we go about nightly chores like feeding the garage cats, emptying the garbage, etc. When they aren't afraid of people they show what charming little creatures they truly are. :)

  15. Laughter... last night I had to convince my love he didn't need to shower, that sometimes a bit of sweat-coating is sexy... and somehow (maybe it was the limited time before we had to go out and meet friends) he believed me and met my challenge... ummm.. head on.

    Thanks for the luscious reminder... I'm off in bliss again by more than Italian cologne!

  16. Ahhh, you had me at the word testosterone. I stopped wearing perfume the day I realized that nothing combats the smell of old age.

  17. eau de bumsquirt...rofl....
    i like the spice of eau naturel...
    nice mag!

  18. haha the skunk conversation is priceless. This was very entertaining and well written!

  19. Odiferously funny! Love the little skunks.

  20. Loved it! Especially the conversation between the skunks :)

  21. Hahaha. And an A to the MEN. I can attest that women do lot like all that metrosexual stuff. I don't want a man who smells sweeter than I do. It's just not right. LOLZ!

  22. ** HEAVEN SCENT **
    For 'Devils' Without A Care
    A * Feromone Party *
    No Guessin 'WHAT' to Wear

    **Testosterone Meets Estrogen **
    The *Odeur Du Game* To Play!!
    SO!.. Ring Me When Your Ready
    I Dare You ...
    ** MAKE MY DAY **


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