Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Marriage and other rides of my life.

A roller coaster.
All happy.

Concentrate on the laughter.
See only joy,
buy a ticket.

One Way, no return,
no worries.
Safety in numbers.

Watching ahead.
At the gate,
smiles, excitement, easy.

Nearby, others leaving.
‘Been there-done that’.
Fake laughter, disappointment.

No, not me,
I’ll be OK.
The queue moves.

Abandon caution, take the step.
Seat for two.

Sharing with a stranger.
Bumping bodies on the way to the high,
differences refreshing.

repeating the mantras.
Hoping for satisfaction.

Pregnant pause.
Seat belts tighten,
brakes off.

Control gone.
Noise, excitement, fear,
We drop.

Pressure of twists and turns
Ups and downs, grinding together.
Hurting, threatened sanity.

Then for some, lost ego.
Too much,
And we jump.

On the outside again.
Looking in at laughter,
crying and living.

We toss a coin
and buy another ticket.

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  1. Great piece, Stafford. Gotta love that roller coaster of life.

  2. Oh this was great
    another ticket..of course!

  3. I always keep my eyes closed during the ENTIRE ride ... good that's not the way I face life.

  4. I get my thrills trying to cross the road outside my flat - no safety belts there! Another good post Stafford

  5. Well described! I've only been on one, many many years ago. There were no seatbelts just a bar to hang on to. I was terrified; lost the use of my thumbs and ended up on the floor wedged between the seat and the front, crying. Never, ever again!

  6. I think you could say i'm addicted to roller coasters. one time, because I knew the guy running it, I rode a coaster 52 times without stopping. And no, i didn't get sick:) So, Kenya: yeah still here, been here since Nov. of last year and are returning to the U.S. the same month of this year. We're here so my husband can finish his Ph.D research, studying how the Swahili and Muslim communities on the East Coast of Africa define themselves through celebrations, like religious holidays, weddings...yeah, we're party animals!

  7. A stirring allegory, Stafford. The symbolism is quite beautiful.

  8. OK Mr. Ray ... how MANY times are you going to change the title?

    I am taking up the gauntlet you so beautifully threw down regarding white hot passion. If you come to the Ball, I will save you a dance!

    For the record, Sir ~ it's not 'burnt' orange, it's fuchsia ...

  9. Stafford this is simply awesome! You have captured marraige and other experiences through the view of a roller coaster! Have you ever watched the movie "Parenthood"? With Steve Martin...there is a scene in it that describes this as well...it is not a popular movie, but it is one of my favorites anyway. I usually hold on tight, and scream for dear life...,but i will take another ticket anyway. Always enjoy your wonderful,brilliant, and funny thoughts. :-)

  10. It was very nicely captured Stafford.. I love roller coaster rides.. and you have caged every feeling with ever changing second on the ride very aptly... Awesome !!

  11. Great post....oh the ups and downs and thrills and chills and the sheer terror and sometimes delight...ever the optimist I am I continue to pick myself up and get on that roller coaster again and again....

  12. My husband and I celebrated our 15th anniversary on Sept. 1 - so this was most fun for me!

  13. Well said. But compared to riding the coaster alone, and I'll get another ticket and perhaps ride with you? It is hard to see the wonder in something so common, so everyday.....keep it fresh, keep it new, and keep it scary..... Loved your post!

  14. Rocket Ride To *HEAVEN*
    Then Slow Drop Down To *HELL*
    Ecstasy Then Agony
    As *RoCkEt RiDeRs* Yell

    On The Other Hand Dear Reader
    From The Heart Of One Who Knows
    With A * PATIENT * Hand To Guide It
    From Roller Coaster
    *TRUE LOVE* Can *GROW*

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