Thursday, 16 September 2010

Taliban Dancer 3 Continued

Taliban Dancer

Scene 3. Pakistani border.

Sfx: Army vehicles and shouting.

Soldier : You there! Get down off the truck!
Waheed : I am coming down, please put the gun away, we are not armed.
Soldier : All get down off the truck! Come now, hurry you up!

Sfx: feet hitting the road, grunts as loads are lifted

Waheed : There are three of us and we seek asylum in your country. This is my wife and daughter.
Soldier : Money?
Whaeed : Not much, just a few hundred afghanis.
Soldier : That won’t get you past temporary, so you’d better give it to me.
Waheed : But we need it for food, transport, medicine…
Soldier : No money, no pass this point. So I take your money anyway and you starve here.
Waheed : You can’t be that cruel. We have so little…
Soldier : You’ll make it to the UN camp in Peshawar and they’ll look after you there, so don’t waste my time…
Waheed : But it is all we have left…..

Sfx: sound of slap. Tahmina cries.

Soldier : Hand over all money. Now!
Waheed : No need for that. (sound of jingling coins) Here’s the money.
Soldier : Open the gate!

Sfx: Grunting of people loading then revving engine, fading.

Karima : Are you all right?
Waheed : Yes, I’m OK. If I hadn’t resisted they might have searched you.
Karima : That was a smart, hiding most of it under the my burqua. Never thought I’d be happy to be wearing the stupid thing!

Sfx: Truck motor straining up steep hill, fading.



  1. Awesome- Will your play be produced-or is that already in the works?

  2. I confess I'm curious... really want to know what is next!

    Very well written!

    so like a woman! :))) - thanks for your comment, you put a smile on my face

  3. You have conveyed the sense of danger and created the tension very well. This is risky business. And of course, I want more....


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