Thursday, 18 November 2010

Vegas in the Sixties. Magpie 41.

Traminer on ice.

We liked it sweeter then.
Darkened room,
brilliant stage.
When entertainers wore suits.
Sinatra, tie loosened,
cigarette dangling,
in the wee small hours.
When romance
powered our world.

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  1. Ah, yes! Those were the days. I remember them well. I'll have mine chilled please .. no ice!

  2. This creates such a vivid image when I read it, I can imagine so many details from so few words, very good writing!

  3. ah romance....
    you said it well
    and that was a great take on that collaged image..perfect

  4. "When romance powered our world" ...I remember those days.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. Somehow, Stafford, your 28 words read like a lovely novel.

  6. Such a lovely piece,
    When romance powered our world"

  7. Didn't see the 60s, but this created quite an intriguing, romantic picture for me of how it was back then. Would also have wanted to see Sinatra with tie loosened and a cigarette.

  8. mhhh I think I would have liked this atmosphere a lot :-)happy day!

  9. No midnight cowboys, then... :)

  10. Nostalgic take Stafford. Sinatra, Peter Lawford, Sammy Davis Jr and the lot. Wonderful 60's!

  11. Always a nice juxtaposition between
    the British Invasion of hard rock
    and the old timers playing Vegas,
    where some could still enjoy smoking
    without the chilling fear and expense
    of today, sitting in one those lounges
    sipping hard pop, arm around a blonde,
    roll of bills in the front pocket,
    trying to overlook the assassination
    of Kennedy, the emergence of civil
    rights, and that pesky bush war
    in Southeast Asia.

  12. Glenn, funny you should write this right now.
    I am writing a new novel and was thinking about the limits to what we can comfortably pay attention to and how that is shrinking rapidly. The world has become a scarier place but just as we need so urgently to see the big picture, we are pulling back, limiting our worlds, trying to recreate a time when we felt in control.
    Of course we never were, as you point out. But it was compartmentalised as it can never be again, tea parties notwithstanding.

    It really is time to stop chanting the mantas and think.

  13. Thanks for your comment. Though it hasn't been long, you know me... why yes, I've been known to fib for a rhyme and rhyme for a fib as well.

  14. Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Those were the days, my friend....:)

  15. You captured 'that era' when singers were singers, men were men, woman were sophisticated and show business really was show business, so very well.

  16. Loved this. I hope this doesn't mean that the romance is now all behind us.

  17. It was, indeed, so, so, sweet...the first time around.

  18. ah yes romance...better power than warfare

  19. Could hear Sinatra's voice , instantly.."of the morning"..thanks for the memories!

  20. oh i think romance could still power the world if we let it...

  21. There is a massive tug-of-war here between the response to the muse and the comments it elicited. Between rose-coloured glasses and reality. Between our reach and our grasp.

  22. Stafford,
    I just returned from Vegas.
    It's different now: all bling and bluster.

  23. A very evocative piece. Thank you.

  24. Swing it, baby!

    You've got this so right, Stafford.

  25. A lovely trip back. My dad played so much Sinatra as I grew, though it's Danny Kaye that I associate with him more. But they were true gents.

    Romance these days..? Raves, tattoos and bags of chips (and loads of lager, of course!)

  26. Lovely piece, Stafford. Thanks for sharing with us!

  27. We liked it sweeter then...

    the following lines of your tale explained exactly WHY ...

    a tale that is full of wonders.
    love every word of it.

  28. the world is dull without romance,

    magical tale, love your humor, wit, and magical ability in painting a story with so few words and so extraordinary impacts.

    keep it up.

  29. Happy Sunday, dear poet friend.
    it is a pleasure to read you and get inspired by your poetry.

    keep it up.

  30. And to the likes of us, this seems like a dream.. :)
    Really enjoyed the romanticism in your poem..
    I have a feeling I have used the EXACT same adjective on an older poem by you... And my intention was definitely not to sound repetitive.. that's just how I felt on reading the poems! It's just dreamy and kinda takes the reader back to some calmer (and peaceful) time..

    Well written, Stafford..

  31. Those were the days....a wonderful era, and you captured it amazingly....hope you still have a few nights like that Stafford...:-)

  32. romance powered world is something i could get used to!

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