Thursday, 25 November 2010

His cup runneth over its use by date.

The great Will Shakespeare.

Remembered for his plays.

The great Rembrandt.

Remembered for his art.

The great Nellie Melba.

Remembered through her Edison recordings.

Great Grandpa.

Hey Alice! Do we really need to keep this cup old what’s-his-face won in some darts competition? It's not as if he was famous or anything!


I have my mother's Scrabble set, a few of my father's tools, one or two picture of my grandparents but no record of great-grandparents except names on the family tree! More would be good, even an old trophy would be better than nothing.

Pics from Wiki.
Prompt by Magpie Tales.


  1. we cannot keep fame
    only love held
    in someone who was loved's heart
    no trophy required
    only memories
    very good magpie

  2. Thoughtful post.
    memories last,
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Wonder who 'old what's-his-face' was? Never to mind! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I enjoyed this post but it was tinged with memories I have of my great grandparents (two of whom where still alive when I was a child) - if we asked about their parents etc I was rebuked with a stern "You mustn't speak ill of the dead" by that I can only summise they were old bs!

  5. This rings so true, Stafford. Connections seem unimportant to many people, these days.

    I have a little shaving dish, my great grandfather brought back from France in 1918. I have lots of stuff that belonged to my grandparents. It doesn't add up to anything in money terms, but to me it's priceless.

    Perhaps we're just a bunch of old sentimentalists? If that's true, I don't have a problem with it.

  6. Interesting take on this week's prompt.

  7. Loved this. I have pictures, stories and memoriesof great grandparents - great treasures.

  8. I had old 8mm movies and converted them first to VHS tape and recently to DVD. My great-grandparents are on that DVD! My maternal grandparents too. What a treasure.

    I hope you are still playing Scrabble with your mother's set. Cheers...

  9. Excellent post Stafford. My grandmother's (on my Dads side) name was Alice. I'd say 'what's fame got to do with it'? - always good to keep some mementos and photos - that's whats good about the digital age, it need not take up much space. My father is an historian and my step-mother an archeologist, so things from the past are important in our family - though some of the things found when studying the family tree could be a bit traumatic (not in my family of course - haha).

  10. Interesting juxtaposition here revealing the true greats in our family,.. worth cherishing.

  11. Funny how "stuff" of little value on its own, can become precious by way of the dear hands that have held it.

  12. i find it fascinating that holding some thing from someone dear can be such a treasure. I say that on my self not on you. it is really fascinating. humans are strange.
    sip and dive

  13. oy, Fireblossom has already said that, or something of the sort - I really should read the comments more carefully.
    but no... - it is just me me me me me me me all along the way.

  14. we have several quilts from my grandmother on one side, and several hand embroidered pieces from my other grandmother. the women in my family on both sides have the "handwork gene".

    the most unusual item we have is a woven piece that my great great great grandmother made. she was an itinerant weaver. we have a picture of her too.

    i love the connection these women have with me. and now i am teaching my daughter knitting.

  15. What a moving take on the Mag! Sometimes I really wish I too had more memories of my great grandparents... something more than just stories to hold on to... Old is gold, after all ... be it pictures, or people or simply relics!

  16. Love this Stafford....hope you have a wonderful week! :-)


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