Tuesday, 23 November 2010

'Sacred Activism'.

Andrew Harvey

On radio today,
I heard such wisdom,
and delusion,
it took my breath away.

He quoted Ghandi,
He quoted Jesus,
He made a call.
(Did not quote me).

‘We waste, we spoil.’
‘We judge, we hate.’
‘But God will save!’
(It's far too late).

'Think or extinct.'
The creator's voice?
'The time has come,
to make your choice!'


  1. ‘We waste, we spoil.’
    ‘We judge, we hate.’
    ‘But God will save!’
    (It's far too late).

    simply mind blowing.

  2. to a God who is eternity
    never too late
    Happy thanksgiving....

    Loved my visit

  4. ... I hear Mr. Harvey is available for spiritual direction ~~ by phone!

  5. mhhh that third paragraph is just fantastic, is it you who says "it's far too late"? I love this!! happy day!

  6. Hi Suz. Welcome to the debate. Written and archaeological history provides overwhelming evidence that gods die out when their worshippers die out. So why should our gods fare better? It's a bit naive to insist that the gods, post Moses, or is it post Jesus, or post Mohammed or is it post L Ron Hubbard, are the one true gods (sic), God the father, God the son and God the holy spirit, plus many more still enjoying currency around the globe.

    So whatever your belief system, the point of the piece was to concentrate my friends' attention on the very real possibility that the next great extinction could include Man and some are now saying it will happen within a hundred years.

    To insist God has it under control, or as Andrew Harvey thinks, God will create a born-again man who will save His creation, clearly flies in the face of evidence. I have no fear for His creation. It will adjust and evolve to fit the new parameters. I just think it is a tragedy we will not survive the mayhem we are creating. We know what to do (and here again, I agree with Andrew). We are so bogged down in self interest and denial we will not act in time.
    But here I disagree. Believing God can fix it presumes He wants to. So far, as millions of his people starve and/or kill each other off, along with species after species (think about it), he/she/it has not shown a lot of interest!

    Yes Birdie, I said that. I have been writing about climate change for over twenty years, during which little has changed except the urgency.
    And thanks everyone for becoming involved in the debate but as you know, talking of itself merely produces more CO2.

    Finally Andrew talked about evolution of a new way of thinking about how we relate to nature and each other. Amen to that!

  7. Excellent stuff Staffo! Great rhythm and beat - would make a good open mic piece or audio piece - would be nice to hear your voice (you could do a backup on your bass guitar!). Graham Nunn does much of his poetry to a sound track (he is lucky to have a musician Sheish Money who accompanies him - not fair).

  8. Brilliant piece. Make a choice? May well be Hobson's choice. Happy Thanksgiving Stafford!

  9. week 11 potluck awards/treats 4 u

    Thanks for the beautiful contribution to week 11, hope to see you next Monday!
    Happy Thursday!
    Happy Thanksgiving Holiday if you celebrate!

  10. Thought provoking. Beautifully written.


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