Monday 13 February 2012

Magpie Colours


Still bodies,
black or white,
Entwined or dumped.
asleep or dead.
Beautiful collage
or reminder of Auschwitz.

Sorry folks, no chuckles here today. But try your luck at Magpie Tales where Tess's friends give and give.


  1. Looks like a one-sided orgy to me.

  2. I'm a bit with you on this one Sir Stafford of the Ray: I thought they looked like earthworms! Perhaps you can write another one about fishing???

    Thanks for the birthday wishes - did you notice how tiny the champagne bottle is? Actually, we do have a Distribution Centre for alcohol, only accessible with id and a specific license! But every bag which enters the country is x-rayed for glass!

    Isabel x

  3. Very dark indeed.

    It's an odd prompt this week ... my first thought was orgy - but I am interested in others responses.

  4. Oh yes, Stafford. It has its layers of interpretation. As usual, a unique interpretation from the master.

  5. Master? Sir Stafford of the Ray? Great names indeed ... I also thought orgy when I first glanced at the photo.

  6. Excellent, love this - striking exit lines!

  7. an image very open to interpretation. Dead or alive, somethings a thin line


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