Thursday 2 February 2012

Does this article tell us what freedom mean to a patriot?

I stumbled upon this while trying to get into my own blog, hampered by lack of signal here in this wilderness and was driven to comment. However, as a non-'team member' I was not permitted to comment so I repeat  the complete article here and include my rejected comment. 
I also add, that this level of hate directed towards any elected individual must undermine the rule of law the writer claims to support! Alan Jones on steroids?

The biggest Communist in Congress?
Written on January 25, 2012 by Daniel Greystone from Patriot Update

The title of this article says a whole lot so do you want to guess which Congress person I am referring to? I know there is more than one communist in our government and sometime before the November 2012 Election, I will be telling the entire world who they ALL are (Unless I am snuffed out). 
For now, let us focus on this one member of Congress who is so bent, so angry and so ugly (as an American Citizen) that it is a miracle that she can even look at herself in the mirror. Speaking of which, “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the biggest Communist in Congress over them all?” As the mirror wakes up and smiles, the response is not earth shattering for it says, “Mr. Greystone, why of course it is Nancy. Nancy Pelosi.”
As Newt Gingrich rises in the polls and his momentum accelerates, Nancy Pelosi has decided to make known real mud and some rich dirt about Newt. In fact, she states that “Newt will NEVER be able to become President.” We can interpret this as a threat to Newt and if this same threat was issued by any other Congress person in regards to Obama, well, watch out for the drones!
So, Nancy Pelosi has some dirt and mud to throw at Newt. So what? This is the NEW democratic standard that we all need to get used to hearing. It is intimidation through coercion in order to get ones way. It happened to Herman Cain no matter if it was true or not true. He got bumped out of the running for the President because he did not listen to the threats from the Democrats. What does Nancy have to offer us American Citizens? Let me tell you…
If you ask me, Nancy Pelosi is a communist and has infiltrated our Government. If your parents and grandparents were alive, ask them how much they fought to keep America FREE from Communism. How many people have died and have given their life in fighting communism? Because of all of the fighting that happened years ago, the communists realized that a direct confrontation could not be won. So, they devised a scheme to subvert Americans and infiltrate our government in order to change us away from freedom into communism. In my opinion, Nancy Pelosi is the ring leader of this effort today.
What she did as Speaker of the House of Representatives is despicable and is against the very fabric of our American way of life. I could write a book about what she and her Communist cohorts have done as wolves in sheep’s clothing. Pelosi is parading around as “actually being FOR America, while passing laws and no budgets that is destroying America!” Nancy has the gall to say to America “I have some dirt on Newt and I am going to sling mud all over him!” It is implied that she will do this no matter what the LAW states about disclosure. Again, this just PROVES that she does not care about the rule of LAW in America. There is not one communist who does care about the rule of law. She and her cohorts (yet to be named) seek to undo every law that binds them to our US Constitution. Yet they create their own power base by stealing our federal money to pay off people to re-elect them back into office.
Nancy Pelosi feels very secure in all of her own back-door dealings and unethical behavior. She knows that no one will dig up dirt on her or sling mud on her either because she has the ‘goods on them’ or other communists in our government will see to it they are discredited (or worse). If anyone tries to expose her communistic ways to the general public, they would forever be silenced in one way, shape or form. Remember, communists’ demand things go their way; they have zero tolerance for anything else. Either they have total power over people, or they are trying to discredit hard working, honest Americans. There is not a person alive who is perfect and just because of our human nature we can say all of us have done things we are not proud of. However, moving America away from being a Free and Sovereign nation, Nancy Pelosi is leading us into servitude and tyrannical control. We are being enslaved by debt, bad policies and guilt for not being compassionate to others.
What we need is a leader; a Republican is who is stronger than the entire communist consortium in our government. We need this person to be someone who can withstand the plethora of dirt that will be thrown at them; someone who can wipe the mud off of themselves and become the LEADER of the greatest country in the world. Who can be that leader? Right now it is emerging as Newt Gingrich. Why do I say this? Well, look at what length the democrats are willing go to discredit him. Nancy Pelosi, one who has NEVER followed the LAW of this land, is willing to break the LAW to expose some dirt on Newt. She is willing to sling mud all over him and to ‘Hell with the consequences.’ She knows with her communists’ buddies already in place in our government, there will NEVER be any consequences. This is par for the course when dealing with communists.
In Summary
So here is what we have to be aware of: The Democrats want ALL of us live in tyranny. They want us to be scared to say or do anything for fear of some retaliation; to NOT be able to express our First Amendment Rights.  They want to subvert America into a Socialistic and Communistic Society where only THEY are in control of every aspect of our lives. They want to do away with consumer demand where we can now choose to buy something or not. They want YOU to believe and feel guilty for not having enough compassion for those people who refuse to work for a living. They will launch scare tactics to make us believe Republicans are evil and dishonest, will deflect any and all responsibility for what they are doing onto other people and other political parties and they will threaten us at every turn.
If we do not stand up, like our parents and grandparents did to these socialistic and communistic parasites, they will drain our life-blood from us and leave us with a stinking hulk that was once The United States of America. Stand up and let your voice be heard; we will NOT tolerate Nancy Pelosi and the socialistic practices they are ramming down our throats!

I don't know if I am a 'member of this blog' or not but I guess I will soon know!
From outside, and by saying that I really disqualify myself, it reads like paranoia to me that you brand Pilosi with any totalitarian label.
In the land of free speech and free elections there seems to be little tolerance for diversity. There are some of the Right one could brand a Nazi but having that philosophy seems less problematical than Democratic Socialism which is how I would describe the philosophies of Obama a far cry from both Nazism and Communism which in our experience were imposed in Germany and the USSR by force not by persuasion via the ballot box.
Here in Oz, there were attempts to ban the Communist Party in McCarthy's paranoid fifties but it failed because wiser heads decided that although their pro-USSR rhetoric was extreme, voters were trusted to see through it and we did, so it was never driven underground where it could have attracted sociopaths as do all 'secret' societies, the discredited KKK included.
So in closing, let me say it is my opinion that we should rejoice in the fact that we welcome opinions from all individuals in our multi-everything societies as a sign that debate is free and healthy and let the good sense of voters decide who they want to represent them.
Newt might make a good president, who knows? But unfortunately, like others before him, potential presidents seem to be judged on their sexual history rather than their administration skills. Or is there something important she knows about him that should disqualify him?
Here I agree that if she has something to say she should spit it out and let it be judged, not undermine his campaign by innuendo.  


  1. You make absolute sense - the blog writer makes none. I don't know why you would bother commenting on their blog - they are hardly likely to change their narrow minded prejudiced views.

  2. There are some odd individuals out there. Isabel was bombarded with some very nasty comments the other day and now I am reading this - I wonder why they feel that if they SHOUT at us we'll take MORE notice of THEM?


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