Friday 3 February 2012

Bluebell 55 word challenge.

The Car God.

As it approached we ran to see what was pushing it, but saw nothing.
It had a voice, a rumbling; a language of no words as it carried the holy man, keeper of its demons.
In wonder and fear, we dedicated our lives to its mysteries.
But we should have burnt it.

Written for Bluebell Books.


  1. Love this - great, borderline-poetic piece, my friend!

  2. and it is a god to many - love this piece Stafford - I agree.

  3. Worshipped by many ... very good! :o)

  4. I remember a discussion we had in class in the good old days - it was regarding how alien visitors might view a car and it was of our teachers opionion that it might be viewed as a god...

    It is a pity that the idea of motorised transport was not burned at design stage.

    Anna :o]

  5. interesting-wonder what life would be like-probably a lot simpler, healthier perhaps? Surely a lot less people over-populating the poor planet.

  6. I liked your 55, well put together, thank you


  7. Loved it! Made me imagine how I would react if I'd seen a moving horse carriage for the first time with nothing pulling it and then I looked at all the cars driving willy nilly around me and I had to agree with the last line. LOL! Very well done in 55. Be blessed.


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