Monday 14 December 2015

Taking risks

Play equipment will never again be as much fun. We are so risk adverse these days, that I wonder why we seem to ignore the really big killers and maimers of children while we fuss over them and stop them from doing most of the things that made their grandparents resilient.
Perhaps it is because we feel we need to be able to control SOMETHING as individuals.

But what comes up when we compare the number of children who were once killed or maimed by playground equipment, with these modern maimers and killers?
Lead in gasoline.
Guns in the house.
Denial of medical facts, such as benefits of immunisation and of fluoride in water.
Domestic violence.
Climate change.
Driving dangerously.
Sexualisation of infants.

 If I was a kid now, I doubt I would rather play on modern (bland) playground equipment than do something a bit more daring for my adrenaline rush, like search the house for the gun we know is hidden somewhere, or watch that video Dad would not let us see, or see what happens when we take these pills.

Let kids find their limits, learn that a fall hurts, and why it happened.

PS. Well, Paris was a start. But, the language of reductions will not save us. Now we must stop talking about emission reduction and start talking about ZERO NET EMISSIONS, because every little bit of greenhouse gas we produce (above what is being removed naturally), raises greenhouse gas levels and the temperature keeps rising. Then there are hidden problems that must be factored in to get to ZERO NET, and here is one.

 In the paper this morning:
Methane from livestock produces 15% of global emissions.  
Our people in Paris are parting, 
All saying, they really are starting, 
To change their positions 
On greenhouse emissions. 
But who'll stop cattle from farting? 

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