Thursday 30 June 2011

Neil Armstrrong wears Playtex.

Listening to the radio yesterday, as is my wont, I heard a woman talking about winning a trip into space in a competition run by Virgin’s Dick Brainstorm. During the conversation she told us she would be ‘wearing a nappy made by Playtex, just like Neil Armstrong did’ and this popped into the brane.

A toddler in space.

Once when a spaceman named Neil
was asked; ‘Neil how do you feel?”
He said; “I’m quite happy,
except my full nappy
does not have a lot of appeal!”

Tuesday 28 June 2011

Magpie's nest of vipers

What the artist’s wife said.

I can’t bear to look, ‘cause it makes
Me freak out and suffer the shakes.
They might be fine art
But to me, Darling Heart,
They look far too much like real snakes!

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Tuesday 21 June 2011

What am I bid?

Here we have lot number one-ninety-nine
Who she was, lost in the passage of time
Somebody’s mother?
A daughter, a lover?
Done! It’s yours Sir, but why do you cry?

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Saturday 18 June 2011

End of an era.

It is with great regret I say farewell to a good and faithful servant.
Sounds like the start of a eulogy and it is.
What you see here is a 1989 model Atari Mega II computer.

This computer was the power behind twenty years of publishing and composing. It was fast and reliable and still is. Does anyone have a 22 year old PC still working? I don‘t.
Long before MS Windows, this ‘windows’ machine had the capability to handle up to seven open screens for dragging and dropping, cutting and pasting and its choice of ports was staggering.
The MIDI interface is built in, as is its many more ports to attach piano keyboards, drives, printers, phone line and more, so it was the fastest and easiest machine to use, much faster and more powerful than the Mac of its day.
A Seagate hard drive added in 1993 gave it even more punch and super fast loading of programs.
But since Atari decided to pull out of cmputer manufacturing, this remarkable machine has been starved of programs and can no longer do what I want.
So, with IXL about to move aboard with her stuff, everything not absolutely necessary must go and I cannot justify keeping my darling Atari aboard.
So, if anyone needs a vintage Atari loaded with programs that works as well as ever, you have about two weeks before she hits the recycle bin.
Boo Hoo!

Wednesday 15 June 2011

Magpie 69 or a mere shell of its former self.

History in seashell.

Imagine the world as it was if you can,
when life on this planet so rampant began.
These sea gastropods
predated the gods
and squeezed in between, the emergence of Man.

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Monday 13 June 2011

Blogger Woes

Me with my laptop when I lived in Ur.

Eventually, after weeks of frustration not being able to comment on friends blogs, Blogger wouldn't let me into my own blog. So, I reset my e-mail and password and presto! All good.
But it did give me a scare, knowing most of my blogs exist only at Blogger so guess who has spent hours backing up blogs!

Tuesday 7 June 2011

Mooloolaba Trawlers.

Sign of the times.
First the entree.
Like a cheap boat? This one came in a few months ago after it was surrendered to the bank. She will go at a fraction of her replacement value and a bargain for anyone wanting a really big luxury American built cruiser.
The main story.
While handing out voting information during our recent Federal election I was accosted by an angry forty-something woman.
‘I’d vote Green but you won’t let me fish!’, she snarled at me, in a not-to-be-questioned statement. Our Green Party does have scientifically recommended policies to create more marine parks where species can survive to keep recreational and professional fisheries sustainable.

The level of debate here can be judged by a bumper sticker on a fisherman’s car that says “Fix the environment-shoot a Greenie”.
To illustrate depletion of fisheries I describe observations made in two fishing ports, Eden in New South Wales and Mooloolaba Queensland.

Eden in the 1960’s was a bustling international fishing port. I saw huge trawlers and ‘mother ships’, refuelling from one of four million litre tanks above the wharves across the bay from a substantial fish cannery, the biggest employer in the town. You can see the tanks over the bay behind my youngest with kids in about 2008. Empty, and a reminder of happier times.
When I was there three years ago, the cannery was gone, its long wooden wharf festooned with danger signs. For sale signs stakes out landscaped vacant land where the giant fuel tanks once stood. The three remaining working trawlers, tiny by comparison, were serviced from a road tanker filled from one of the two town gas stations.
Here in Mooloolaba, four of the largest trawlers have been tied up for two months, the crew gone, looking increasingly forlorn. Yesterday I asked and was told the ‘company’s broke’. That represents about a quarter of the current working fleet. Further questions revealed that those four were what was left of eight the company worked only two years ago. That business failed because the fisheries are no longer sustainable at even the current reduced level of activity.
So what should be done? Around here there is no doubt. Open marine parks to commercial fishing and/or shoot a Greenie. Although everyone here knows the truth, it is convenient to blame someone for their predicament and it seems there are plenty of populist politicians who pop up to direct the anger at their political opponents. It is rare a politician in opposition is forced to deliver so their rhetoric produces two unfortunate outcomes. They give people false hope, delaying their departure from dying industries and sometimes their rhetoric leads to frustration fuelled violence.

Meanwhile I am gertting on with curing my lovely old Tiziana of the measles. As you can see she has a serious case of the 'patches'.

Magpie 68 (heard at an old pirate's home).

Bluebeard’s Lament or…
‘Left without a leg to stand on’.

During a melee at sea
So wounded, unfor-tu-nate-ly,
He can’t sign the leases
For rented prostheses.
‘cause he has no hands and can’t see!

Shh! He still has his Buccaneers

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