Thursday 27 February 2014



He could have stayed silent,
Our poet of outrage.
Safe, secluded in his room,
Of books.

His words, his thoughts, his anger
Escaped to lesser minds,
Outside, where convenient
Stones lay.

Written for Magpie Tales. Sorry, I could find nothing funny in this sad indictment of violence.

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Visible Means of Support.

Said Bob Sullivan in court,
 ‘Your Honour is mistaken.
Penniless I may appear,
And food, have not partaken.

 To wealthy folk, like you Milord,
 It may seem I have nothing.
But I can show you, beyond doubt;
I have a penny-farthing.

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Off today for my last cruise in Heavy Metal... sold and being delivered.. Boo Hoo!

Monday 10 February 2014

My mother said:

“Man is an explorer
Who looks for places hidden;
And likes it even better still
If it’s somewhat forbidden.

 So when it’s time to go to bed,
And loving art, finessing;
It’s best you keep a little on,
To always keep him guessing.

Now, think of what to hide away
That keeps him hot and bothered,
By all means show the rest of you,
But keep the mystery covered.”

 Joe Cocker got it right! Thanks Tess at Magpie Tales for your photo…er prompt.

Thursday 6 February 2014

Tones Apart.

G and A in treble,
G and A in bass!
Tootsies very pretty,
(Like to see her face).

Sandals on piano stool,
Bottom on the lid,
Heels upon the music shelf
Rest of her is hid!

I wonder why, and then I know
The rest is really plain.
Because, if it was beautiful.
She’d have it in the frame!

Thanks Tess for a lovely photo to play with... is it you? :-)