Monday 24 November 2014


It’s water my dear, I agree,
Like lakes and sweet raindrops, you see.
But lest you first boil it,
‘tis certain to spoil it.
So please do not use it for tea. 

Old saying: ‘Take the pot to the kettle, not the kettle to the pot’.
Thanks Tess for what you do.
Book launch Thursday 27th 5.30 and the Vulcan Café Moruya.

Friday 14 November 2014

WTF! What idiot would not welcome this!?

"A secretly negotiated agreement between the US and China to lower greenhouse-gas output faced a wall of opposition on Wednesday from Republicans in Washington, who threatened to use their control of both houses of Congress to thwart the plan."

 Now roll ahead to the next Presidential election which the Republicans are odds on to win, and we have the scenario for 'CULL' the novel.

If the US pulls back on renewables as Australia is doing, China will be leading the world in the 'Fight against Climate Change'. If you have not read Cull by Stafford Ray (me), take a look.

The potential for disaster is explored there and its premise is becoming ever more frighteningly real. Now available for Kindle etc.
PS. Busy doing book signings and trying to complete the next book. :-)