Monday 29 September 2014

Nice place to visit, but…

Sometimes, art is
expressing what is possible,
posing life’s conundrum,
visions of improbable.

Sometimes, art is
a wallow, so sublime
it’s understood by no-one;
A noble waste of time.

 I read yesterday that Ken Follett and I have two things in common. We were both brought up in Plymouth (Exclusive) Brethren families and we both play bass guitar. But there the parallels end. He has sold 176,000,000 copies of his books. I have sold about nine and am twelve years older. So dear reader, if I am to catch up, you had better hurry up and buy one!

Thanks again Tess for scrounging around for interesting images to challenge and inspire.

Monday 22 September 2014

At the beach, almost all people hide their keys and wallets in their shoes.

Hot sun, warm breeze, just you and me.
We lazed for hours, beside the sea.
Then home, then back,
Alas alack!
The tide came in; can’t find my key!

Book (Cull Stafford Ray) now available at Booktopia (Australia) and and of course from the publisher . Book Depository still out of stock. Getting some great reviews. (keep them coming in.)
Thank you Tess for your continuing support for writing and writers.

Monday 15 September 2014

Reality bites.

The breeze in my hair, so refreshing
as spring comes, its life force unleashing.
But what is that dusty,
that smell, rank and musty?
It seems that these curtains need cleaning!

NEW! Available now on for download.

For Australians: The book now available at Booktopia, and at a discount of 20%! If you want to see an in depth review, take a look at Kutamun's blog .
Thanks again Tess for another lovely prompt.

Monday 8 September 2014

Confession of Innocence.

I tried, not enough, to resist,
as instinct drew me to her.
It seemed at the time, as if
Choices was just another word
others used.

And now, as years and consequence
reveal the possibilities, too late,
I know, as gentle sadness comes,
I was helpless, a moth, drawn
to its candle.

Thank you Tess for providing us with your challenges.

Something happened yesterday that took me back a long time and brought this on. Perhaps it was also prompted by the unexpected and sudden death of the incredibly talented Kerrie Biddell, musician extraordinaire.
For anyone still searching for the Book, it seems Amazon has not deigned to list it as yet, so I suggest you Google 'Book Depository', look for Cull by Stafford Ray, and leave your email address to be notified when it comes in. They ship free world wide.

Important (to me). Any of my friends who have read Cull, please go to Goodreads and review it for me.

Tuesday 2 September 2014

Nothing fishy here.

They all wait and hang around,
So expectant, held spellbound.
Looking, lifting,
Searching, sifting.
No red herring to be found!

 I just love Wyeth, and Magpie Tales .

My first book review. Here it is. It is almost as long as the book! 
Cull – Stafford Ray Classic Author and Publishing Services Pty Ltd – 2014 - ISBN 9780987607706 
Let me say at the outset this is a 4 star fast moving novel in the now well-established genre of a political thriller, much favoured by film makers. It is to be hoped its continuance in another form will be guaranteed by a sharp-witted film producer who gets hold of the script and film rights before the competition does. It is an extraordinarily visual story. 
The story weaves together several ongoing and current global themes as in climate change, diminishing stocks of the once readily obtainable oil and overpopulation. These themes are woven together in an unrelenting political context which holds the story together and provides the ever-increasing tension as various life views and political stances are challenged, or not, depending on the character, to breaking point. 
The characters whilst numerous, are not to the stupefying degree of War and Peace, and encompass those to hate – the quick witted, narcissistic psychopaths; the less agile mentally – going along with flow and the much rarer, essentially decent person – who is challenged to the core of his being. One such person is central to the whole story. 
Dialogues are first rate, the characters' private and personal feeling and observations (as in stage left sotto voce so to speak) are wonderful and the characters are very well drawn and consistently all of a piece. The structure of the book is well-nigh perfect, short chapters, moving settings and increasing tension mounting all the time. The excellent choice of type face and line spacing are refinements that are deserving of praise. 
The cover is also a very appropriate choice. 
 So OK you ask what did you not like about the book? Well, absolutely nothing at all. Perhaps a dramatis personnae page might be a thought. 
So again, four stars and who, I ask, is knocking on the door with offers of film rights for this extraordinarily visual fast moving political thriller? 
 Dr Pem Gerner. BA English Lit