Monday 25 August 2014

Mission Impossible.

Across the heavens, stars therein,
Imponderable, improbable, discipline.
I stare in wonder,
As I ponder:
To paint this, where does one begin!

Thanks again Tess , for giving us a place for our creativity to show.

From Cull, the book: China is demanding world wide zero net carbon emissions within five years. What will be the American response?

"Harry Fromm must choose between loyalty to his President and the human race...."
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Monday 18 August 2014

Sorry, Archimedes.

The first I noticed was the soap
That slid across the kitchen sink.
And then, the hill I climb with ease
Was steeper than before, I think.

Then where I often park the car,
Once level, now was at an angle.
And my bed, a solid haven,
Tipped me out, bed clothes a-tangle.

 But when I sought the Magpie prompt
I realised then, the simple fact is;
Why my life seems such a shambles;
The world had tipped upon its axis.

 RAD's photo from Magpie Tales makes a challenging prompt.
 PS. Thanks for those intrepid seekers from the Blogosphere, who tracked down my novel, Cull at JoJo and bought it! I look forward to (and maybe dread) comments.
BUT! Just heard from JoJo they are releasing Cull in the US and Britain. I will announce when and where as soon as I know.

Tuesday 12 August 2014

Captive Audiences.

"Sex before marrying, never."
Say celibate priests, oh so clever.
"Let God bless your union
In Holy communion,
Or suffer His Hell-fires forever."

Poor old God gets bad press from me. But to be fair, he allowed me to be abused in his name.
I hope my friends are not offended by that. But, as Phillip Adams said (words to the effect): "Being an Atheist means there's no compulsion to hate anybody." And I don't, not even God.

Maybe you can find more politically correct contributions at Magpie Tales

Monday 4 August 2014

There's a love knot in my lariat...

There once was a lass who
Could twirl a mean lasso
But lucky in marriage was not.

With husbands a-plenty
When each of them left he
Said: though she was good in the cot,

Her violent temper,
A dog with distemper,
Was nothing compared, so each reckons.

So all of the eight
Sailed right out the gate,
But Burton came back home for seconds.

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