Tuesday 22 February 2011

Murder of Artesia.

Ancient land,
the monotreme ark.
Her underground sea
older than life.

Coal seam miners,
Untouchable caste,
their Lethal Injections
Fraccing her heart.


Inspired by a comment from Madam Morgana.


  1. Excellent - especially love the title.

  2. I watched this too (4 Corners?) I think the whole thing stinks both physically and metaphorically. Go for the buck, no matter how many lives you destroy, and all that chemical shit going into the ground water. If you or I did it we'd be prosecuted.

  3. Fabulous work, Stafford. I particularly enjoyed your use of 'fraccing'... ugly word for an even uglier process.

    Does this mean I'm your Muse?

  4. Spare a thought for the magnificent Liverpool Plains NSW about to be fracced by Santos the Chinese owned juggernaut!


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