Tuesday 22 February 2011

Coal Seam Poison

Short term gain-Long term loss.

Artesian Basin,
Bringing life
Australia’s dry Outback.

Nature’s wonder
So long forming
Delicate its balance.

The suits, the hats
Seducers all,
Buy time on prime TV

Highly trained to
Placate fear with
Fake integrity

Like the randy
Drunken lout
A lying one night stand,

You have your way
And leave behind
A monster pregnancy.


First published by Poetry 24, a new blog devoted to poetry about current affairs.

Picture of 'Securely Contained' toxic waste. Hunter Valley NSW Australia,.
courtesy Hunter Valley Protection Alliance.


  1. Your words make me sad, but beautifully written! A monster pregnancy!

    Why you are brilliant! Thanks for your comment. You are so right. If you are to have any control at all, you must cook at home. Taos is a very small town, and there aren't that many good places to eat so mostly we cook at home. Do you fish off the boat?

  2. My country has its monster pregnancies as well, despite being massaged by corporate advertising and economic growth.

  3. Congrats of getting your poem published - they make me so sick those type of companies - 'a monster pregnancy' yes, big trouble ahead. I am excited about the new blog - current affairs poems, just my cup of tea.

  4. You are among a handful of writers able to make bold, honest statements ~ entertaining all the while. A gift!

  5. Letting mining companies corrupt the Great Artesian Basin is like injecting poison straight in to Australia's heart.

  6. A strong piece - the truth lives here.

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  8. I am so proud and excited you got published.

    This poem made me cry. Really cry. When is the plundering of the earth going to stop? Sometimes thinking about it fills me with despair.

    But the fact that you care so much about these issues and write with such brilliance about them gives me hope. Thank you, Stafford. Thank you.


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