Tuesday 15 February 2011

Absent with good cause.

Just in case anyone missed my 'grumpy old man' pieces, or my heroic efforts to extract a smile from Ada Trellis, the reason I have been semi-absent is that I have been exceeding busy, preparing a revolutionary literacy program to present to a large western Sydney primary school.

I am confident (based on observation of results so far) that this program has the potential to dramatically improve literacy 'across the board'. It suits all learning styles but is particularly effective with 'right brain' kids and 'problem children', and aren't they all!

The submission includes the rationale, special reading resources, the methodology and detailed lesson plans. The program is intensive, efficient, dynamic, easy to manage, inclusive and above all, fun. (even for the teacher).

If you want to know more, you know where to find me.

Drawing of me is a Paul Manning original.


  1. I don't know what to say...except for maybe, yes, I have missed the grumpy one.. and.. Hooray for you and all the kids who will benefit from your hard work....
    at first I was waiting for the first shoe to drop or the cadence to pick up for a limerick..but I think this is straight talk
    Hooray again and God Bless (I added that to grumpy you up a bit)
    Happy Valentine's day Stafford

  2. What a great cause Stafford - congratulations and I'm sure it will be big hit. Love that drawing - haha.

  3. Is there ANYTHING you can't do? And LOL at Suz - maybe I'll say God Bless too! Heh.

  4. I have been missing you! BUT I knew you were up to GOOD! HUGS from the Pacific North West

  5. I have worked with kids and adults with special needs in literacy and numeracy classes. Mainly to help them lead more independent lives for simple things like catching buses. I loved this work, more so for befriending some very nice people that society can give a hard time to. There's a chance I may help teach again. Now, I'm organising more ruddy gigs than Anadin can cope with.

    Good on you, Stafford. Please keep us posted on how things go! I'll be thinking of you!

  6. I've been involved with this kind of cross curricular application in high school. Best wishes.

  7. Well, you do get around, don't you. Best of luck with that.

  8. All the best, Stafford. I know , even through the veil of grumpiness and laughter, your heart and soul is in this...


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