Sunday 30 January 2011

Tasmania: The test tube state.

Warning: This little bit is of no particular interest to anyone outside Australian, but if you must, read on. it does contain a universal message I hope.

Funny isn't it, that the very people we need in top political jobs because of their integrity and not their egos don't go there? Then there are the few who do but leave when they realise 'the job isn't life'.

Of course, there are good people in politics at every level and in every party. But now, when every utterance and every idea is attacked with such virulence, is it any wonder that a person with normal feelings would escape and leave it to the ‘successful psychotics’? So it is time to make top political jobs family friendly? Because, like the song says, "We don't know what we've got til it's gone!"

That David Bartlett was not only making the Tasmanian Government (in coalition with the Greens) work, but seemed to be offering a model to major parties that will need the Greens to form governments at state and federal level in the future.

So, while the Tasmanian (unofficial) state motto seems to have recovered from 'State of Corruption' back to being the 'the Holiday Isle' we will all hold our breaths to see if Lara Giddings can keep it that way.

The picture is of me looking for hope among the debris.
(Stanley, NW Tas, where cattle graze among the ruins of its convict past).


  1. You always write interesting posts. I'm sorry I'm not as up on Tasmanian politics as I could be...but I enjoyed reading what you said, and as you said, there is a universal message....I always love to read what you write.

  2. if it were a volunteer position or one that didn't have all the clever hidden powers perhaps that would be better ....very unrealistic I know.

  3. I think you nailed it in the first paragraph, Stafford.

  4. I'm sure it's a sign of how cynical I am about politics and politicians, but I never believe male politicians who say they're resigning because they 'want to spend more time with the family'. OK, Bartlett may well be telling the truth. But rumour also has it that he jumped before he could be pushed. Anyway, it would be nice to check back with these guys' wives in a couple of years and seek a frank response to the question: 'So did your hubby end up spending a lot of his extra time with the kids then?'

  5. OK. I just read the David Bartlett story you linked to in your post. So maybe I have to eat my words. He may well be the exception! Mea culpa. Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa.

  6. I've read about the Tasmanian devil so I had to read your take here. Hope amid the ruins of politics...

  7. May the nasty politicians of Australia be cursed with a woman 1/2 their age plus 10. Thanks for the sage advice.

  8. To see what Old Ollie is on about, take the trip to his blog. You will be delighted at the exploits of his not quite legal mates!

  9. ha. "successful psychotics". Sadly, very true.

  10. So it is time to make top political jobs family friendly? Because, like the song says, "We don't know what we've got til it's gone!"

    *Right On Stafford* !

    To David Bartlett !

    Don't Give Up !
    We Need Men Like You
    Integrity !
    Loyalty !
    The * Crown * of Too Few
    Rejoice in Family
    Have Fun With Friends
    BUT !
    Hang With * Real Fighters *
    * Behind ' Green ' Scenes **
    ** Dear Friend **

  11. Aahhhh,
    Tasmania, my birthland. Thank you Stafford!

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