Monday 24 January 2011

Jingle Poetry's Rule of Law..

Oops! Jesus was told not to take the boat out!

Reg’lations are sometimes a joke, ‘n
Attention to laws, just a token.
But one thing’s for sure
The unbreakable law
Is “Rules are made to be broken!”

Oh dear! Find more broken rules at Jingle Poetry!


  1. what an apt twist,

    unbreakable law is " rules are made to be broken"...

    loved the simplicity and eloquent style ...

    your entry rocks.


  2. Rules? What rules? I think we were on the same page today! hahahah

  3. Fantastic! I am not big on rules - they make me feel twitchy.

  4. Great twist at the end. I enjoyed this a lot!

  5. I probably am the one, who likes rules when it comes to driving, and other public stuff, maybe we need a few more rules? About public behavior, but on my own, I like to find my own way. In the studio, it is just me, what I create, I leave most of the rules at the door. But I realize sometimes rules make life easier.

  6. Love it! Great intro.

  7. lol, the picture was totally hilarious, funny bit, thanks. Happy potluck!

  8. yes! yes! yes! break it! some laws are just plain ridiculous..

  9. Oh, this is TOO funny!! Thanks for the giggles. So true.

  10. What a great photo. I saw a liquid on TV last night that you can run across but you can't walk across because the former creates a shock reaction that increases its surface bond, but the latter doesn't.

  11. So it is likely JC didn't walk on water after all, but actually ran! Damn! Another miracle hits the trash can!


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