Monday 3 January 2011

My Christmas Epiphany for Jingle Poetry...


In my childhood,
my difficult childhood,
she was there for me.

In her decline,
her long cruel decline,
I was there for her.

But her love
was greater than mine.
She died to set me free.


Photo of Marjorie about 1927 with Rowdy, a name given to a long line of cattle dogs, a tradition still followed by descendaants of Irwin Turnbull of the Ebenezer Turnbulls to this day.
Written after the first anniversary of her death. She died on an anniversary of my birth aged 93, still a power to be reckoned with right to the end.

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  1. A moving tribute, Stafford. Hope you're keeping safe and dry, where you are.

  2. Well said Stafford

  3. This is beautiful in its simplicity.

  4. I see you in your mother's face ..

  5. what an unbreakable bond you have captured here,
    she died to set you free,
    that is divine line...
    Thanks a lot for the contribution to Thursday Poets Rally Week 36 hosted by Jingle.

    Have fun!

  6. A dense and complicated poem
    but simple in its elegance
    When someone is such a presence in our lives,yes we fear the vacuum of their absence
    Truly she was loving to let go
    to set you free..ah but she sensed that deep love that held on say it is a Christmas Epiphany
    how deep..yes that is love

  7. This is touching. Really lovely.

  8. oy this is sad...i like the sentiment...and my day will come to care and be set free...

  9. This is very touching and absolutely beautiful! The lovely image and the last line, "She died to set me free," brought tears to my eyes.

  10. It's such a moving tribute, I endorse the sentiments, Stafford!

    You bring us back to reality.

    Best wishes for the ensuing year!

  11. simple yet beautiful. brought tears to my eyes. loved the picture as well.

  12. How beautiful! I can totally relate, but I don't quite know how. Gorgeous, wonderful, amazing...

  13. What a lovely homage. What a fine lineage. Kudos on both.

    Well done and hope you are enjoying your Rally visits and visitors.

    Best for 2011.

  14. Very beautifully expressed. My mother died last February and your poem reminded me how much I still miss the her voice, her laughter and her yodelling (an unusual skill of which she was very proud, which won her a callback radio contest in her 83rd year).

  15. A lovely and touching tribute, Ford. I am quite envious of your obviously dear relationship.

  16. Your words take me to where love is. Beautiful. And your writing is incredibly lovely.

  17. just beautiful Stafford....made my eyes tear up- she died to let you go- but at least she was there for you for 93 years....wonderful words for a Mother

  18. Extremely beautiful and sensitive...i love cattle dogs too..what an amazing photo of a life so loved...bkm

  19. this is really good! mines here-

  20. I'm going to cry now - wonderful! You seem to look just like your mum - both photos with the same expression - ha!

  21. Oh my, my friend ... oh my. No ideas for any more appropriate words (and having a photo of your mother as a girl -- is treasure)


  22. A beautifully spoken tribute Stafford...that strength and power she had lives on in your words and strong heart!

  23. You Know In Your Heart When *IT* Happens
    A Feeling So * STRONG *
    Tis True
    * Sweet Moments In Time *
    And Heartstrings
    Will Tingle and Sing
    For You
    T'was One of * THOSE * Moments
    For Me *DEAR*
    Only Minutes After We Met
    I Knew In My Heart * I LOVED YOU *

  24. She had much go be proud of. This is what we all long for, you were lucky enough to have it.


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