Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Love in Con-text.

G Baby, won’t U
Please B mine
U suit me 2 a T.

Your gr8 big I’s
R just 2 gorgeous,
Far 2 much 4 me.

Let me B
The 1 4 U
My love 4 U is real!

Take my Q
And C that U
R loved 4 evermore.

(I) know Y U R
Like U R
4 I can understand

You’re not a Mrs
Or a Miss,
A mistress or a Ms,

(4) I C U R
Just like me;
Another SMS!

Inspired by Brian Miller's 160 - in/dependence


  1. SO!.. SMS ME!
    T'Would B Such Fun
    U No 4 Me
    U R the 1
    'YOUR' Gr big I's
    Will Light The Way
    SO!.. SMS
    And Make My Day

  2. egad, i'm so not a texter.

    don't hate on me bro.

  3. This is clever, but I find text writing so much more difficult to read than proper writing. I don't own an infernal mobile, so maybe that's why. I wonder if in the future this will be how people write? Doesn't bear thinking about.

  4. Hahahahaha - gettin' down withit dudemeister ;)

  5. I'm going to need a few lessons ... definitely!
    The most amazing thing is I could actually read your post! Quickly too.

  6. I am the slowest texter on the planet.

    (It felt so nice to be missed in the bloggyhood...thank you...hope you weren't too worried!) xx

  7. I C U R at C
    And so
    I long 4 U 2 C
    My SMS with love
    2 say
    0 4 1 0 E

  8. stafford ray, you are one heck of a writer!! not only that but you've got such a great sense of humor to...i get you!!
    i can't thank you enough for leaving the most gracious, heartwarming and insightful comment on my blog a few days back. you hit the nail right on the head several times and your understanding made you even more adorable to me than ever before!!

  9. Oops, you lost me on SMS. I'll have to go ask a teenager.

  10. T, way to go! Actually, any kid out of nappies will know more than we do!

    Thanks everyone for joining in the fun... wonderful to be accepted into the tribe!

    Next post is one of three memorial pieces for my friend Peter Cairns. There may be more, but they all illustrate some funny/smart things he did or said.

    How can I include a track of his music to the blog? E-mail info please.

  11. If you still want info on audio you can email me at gbryden at bigpond dot com (when I try to email you something weird happens so I gave up)


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