Saturday, 3 July 2010

Joy oh Joy! (Mulligan)

Her car was old, so old we were not surprised Joy Mulligan’s little Toyota got the blame when she always seemed to arrive late for the gig at Tuggerah Lakes Memorial. Not very late mind, just enough to cause me, the person responsible, to suffer palpitations as curtain time and her arrival seemed to happen together. For those who do not know Joy, she is a tiny (under 5ft) red headed bundle of scatty Jazz talent and one of my favourite people.

She did have a long way to come, over a hundred and fifty kilometres north from Sydney along the F3 where the speed limit was basically 110KPH, so speeds up to a hundred and twenty kept most drivers under the radar. But her constant complaint was that her old car could not get there.
‘Bloody stupid thing!’ she would rave. ‘Can’t get it over ninety!’

This went on for so long we eventually learned to relax as time ran out night after night until Jim McBeath, mate, veteran drummer and congenital smartarse, innocently asked:
‘Umm, Joy, what model Toyota is it?’
‘Sixty-five, why?’
‘I see, so what’s its top speed?’
‘Only ninety. Why?’
‘Of course, that’s what the signs say, dummy!’

Jim paused while he did the arithmetic.
‘Joy, old mate, your speedometer is in miles,’ he laughed. ‘You’ve been doing nearly a hundred and fifty!’
Her hand flew to her mouth.
‘Oh shit!’ she said as I looked at my watch. ‘Sorry guys.’
Just in case you missed it, she was not upset because she had been seriously speeding.
She was devastated her long time excuse had passed its use by date!


  1. What a great post..she sounds like a wonderful lady, what a hoot.

  2. Ha! I guess she used her last 'mulligan'. Fun post!

  3. Hahahaha - wonder what her next excuse was?

  4. that's hilarious!

    plus, i am so using the "oh i thought my speedometer is in kilometers per hour!" the next time i get pulled over for speeding.

  5. ** Joy **

    Great name for a * Cute Cheeky Songstress *
    Another * Wonderful Recollection * from your *Delightful Daring Showbiz Diary * Stafford...

    Keep em coming ..... Where's the * Book *

  6. Joyce is lovely! I have the pleasure to meet her every now and then and always ask her to tell stories of the old times!


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