Thursday, 1 July 2010


It all went well, polyps removed and assurances given along with the bill.
Luckily, despite numerous financial challenges, I have maintained medical insurance, so that was taken care of and I must say, my experience was as pleasant as it could be, made so by gentle and expert people in an unrushed and quiet private day clinic. Even the canula went in first time with no pain. So the following cheeky little jibe is about the bill, not the people. Well, I must say the doctor did look happily well fed.

Specialised medicine.

I love colonoscopies
And complex appendectomies!
With scalpel sharp
I work my art,
Commanding gen’rous fees! Boom! Boom!

This illustration was not included in the instruction sheet or I would have had to ask what was up there! I mean, if he could become President....
Note, filed under 'funny odds and ends'.

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  1. Oh yes, specialized medicine. Can be a quick in and out of treatment and extravagant medical insurance billing.

  2. yikes, hope they did not go deep enough to find a glad it all went well.

  3. Funny cartoon! It reminds me of some of the irreverent humor I saw years ago in England on a show called "Spitting Images." They had great fun with our US politicians.

  4. Glad all is well with your, um, bottom half.

    Love the cartoon!!!

  5. I've had a few colonoscopies [thanks to having crohn's disease] and they are NOT a bad experience at all.


    It's the NIGHT BEFORE! OMG! That stuff you have to drink to PREP for the procedure and the effects that has on a person = AWFUL!!

    PS: Hilarious comic!

  6. Oh dear! I've heard that going private you don't have to drink so much of that fowl liquid stuff that cleans out the system (my Mum had one recently) - I had a sip and nearly passed out (I'm a big wuss that's for sure). Glad all was fine for you.

  7. Your story reminded me of a time in the Philippines. A had a colonoscopy while we were living there and it was a very amusing experience. He wrote about it. I'll try to find that story and post it. Glad yours turned out OK.

  8. Thanks everyone for your kind wishes.
    Had a call from the clinic asking how I was, so I referred them to the blog. No copment yet. Ha ha!

  9. Glad once again, you've been able to -
    ' Get To The Bottom of Things ' Captain Stafford..
    And once again the ' Channel is Clear ' and everything is for the moment ' Ship Safe '..
    ' If Ye Gits Me Drift ' ho! ho!

  10. My colonscopy was such a benign event ( in
    every respect ), I felt rather foolish for putting it off till I was sixty.

    As always, your posts are delightful!

  11. Glad it all went well. Love the cartoon :)

  12. Having Colonoscopy tomorrow. Don't know what to expect, but assured by the various comments.

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