Friday 25 September 2009

A well balaned life-not!

What do you do when the love of your life (IXL) says ‘You should do nothing but write’, then loads you up with so many jobs you have to ask for time off to pee?
Well, I get up really early, like yesterday 2.30 to read your blogs and check the mail. Today, slept in til 4, so half the day’s gone.
Poor old Tiziana is being neglected but with SS (second son) arriving with family for a floating holiday in a week, she just has to get the priority. SS has other connotations and they apply just a little. It must be a virus they catch at copper school that makes them arrogant know-alls! Then again, he is a loving, loyal and caring person. He probably inherited the arrogance from me. Oops!
The Wide Bay bar is no joke as IXL tells anyone who listens and that’s where we are going. So if we don’t make it across, it will be in the news. Any sailors out there?


  1. Now I am completely confused. Who is IXL/Is that Anna.? Are you in bed with her or just her P.A.? Is it all a figment of your very fertile imagination?

    Nice to see Tiziana after all this time.

    Happy and safe sailing with the son and mind, no fishing despite the hunger pains.



  2. Thanks Rhonda for the comment. Yes, I do sleep with IXL sometimes and who she is will be revealed when I locate a photo that tells all! Until then, as they say 'watch this space!'
    By the way, SS isn't coming now. Just received a new posting in Sydney requiring a move from Parkes. "A policeman's lot is not a happy one." Is that quote from G and S correct?


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