Tuesday 29 September 2009

Anna Bligh's treatment for Atrial Fibrillation

What can I do with the bloody woman? After Noosa Markets, as I said, IXL was up before 3am, had a long day on her feet serving and selling, then fronted up yesterday at the kitchen at Warana to fire up her huge combi oven to bake more cakes. But what cakes they are! So much brown Muscat you should need a liquor licence to sell them!
I decided to have an easy day and stayed at her house to make heaps of spag bol sauce to freeze for those days when there’s no time or energy to make dinner. Just add spaghetti, a bit of salad and presto!
So she staggered in after another full day, had the usual Jammies on ice (add a little water, not too much) and sat to watch Kerry sweat the pollies at 7.30. She stopped eating after a couple of bites and said she didn’t feel well. I thought the food wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t that, she was having a heart turn.
This isn’t the first time I’ve been staying with IXL and had to ring triple O.
She was in AF (Atrial Fibrillation), causes partly known, but mainly dehydration and stress. (Probably too much coffee too, but who’s game to tell her that? Not me the congenital coward!)
There she was in the ambulance, heart trying to jump out of her chest at 160 RPM and we hit a bump on the Bli Bli road.
Hey, Anna please leave that bump right where it is. The ambulanced jerked and IXL bounced on the gurney. Suddenly her heart went into normal rhythm again. We continued on to Nambour where the handsomest (her word) doctor was wonderful, as were the nurses and paramedics. Full marks Queensland Health. But apparently a bump will do it
Blood tests came back and all’s well, so we finally fell into bed just as the coach returned to being a pumpkin.
She’s already up and buzzing about! (Expletive omitted) By the way, she could have been receiving the pension for at least ten years, if she’d ever stop working! What can you with the bloody woman? All I can do is love her and hope.
See you at Noosa on Sunday.

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