Monday 28 September 2009

Provence at Noosa

Close your eyes at Noosa markets on Sunday and you could have been in Provence!
Beautiful day, cool breeze and so much real food. (Good coffee too).
IXL got me up at 2.30am to help. With her van full of product and my old station wagon stuffed to the gills with tables, artificial grass and the marquee etc. etc.
But what a day! Apart from selling out of some lines of charcuterie, IXL couldn’t stop smiling as she cooked stacks of her bacon steaks for sampling and was rushed with people buying and asking questions. Next week more product and more variety.
Someone forgot to get change so we got away a bit late and were hurrying along somewhere north of Mudjimba when we were stopped by the cops parked across the Sunshine Motorway. Breath test, I thought, looking forward to counting to ten with a completely clear conscience, but it was just the road blocked by fire. Not a problem after the baking and dusting we got last week.

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