Friday, 2 September 2011


Her love had been at sea for two years and every day she waited at the water’s edge in her wedding dress and at night took her lantern to guide his ship back to her safe haven.

It seemed he would never come but her vigil continued and her prayers were answered.
“A ship, his ship! I know it is him!” She shouted to the Heavens.
“Only he would forget to lower his sails in an onshore wind!”

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  1. What an entertaining little story! I love the ending! Made me laugh and imagine the ship roaring into the beach unable to stop. Had Jack Sparrow/Johnny Depp written all over it!Funny stuff!
    My slam 9 entry:

  2. Cute. Yeah, I had the same image as charles above


    Stu my slam entry

  3. This makes me want to write a ghost poem. Lovely flash fiction Stafford - though the last line is a bit too technical for me as a non-sailor ;) I now have the urge to write a ghost poem - thanks.

  4. .. over before it had a chance to begin? So sad.

  5. kind of sad, lovely thoughts in it.

  6. So romantic and very well done

  7. Aw, what a wonderful little tale! :-)
    Well done!


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