Saturday, 10 September 2011

Poetry Jam

She bought them to bring her some pleasure
But now were too many to measure.
Her hamsters so fecund
Bred more every secund
And now overran the enclosure!

So, out of this terrible mess,
That caused such emotional stress, 
She thought of a plan
To make hamster jam
As a way to relieve the excess.

With hamsters and sugar she toiled
And hundreds of thousands she boiled
So nothing was wasted.
But when it was tasted
‘Twas clear all the jam had been spoiled

So out of the window she threw
Her gallons of hamster jam brew.
But to her surprise
Before her old eyes,
A garden of tulips soon grew!

So lovely and tall they had grown
With colours she rarely had known.
‘But why did they grow
Outside her window?’
She asked her friend Sam on the phone.

She told him her hamster jam plan
And Sam said “It’s no myst'ry, Maam.
I’m sure I’m not wrong,
Like it says in the song;
They’re 'Tulips from Hamster Jam'!”

Tulip photo from the fabulous Keukenhof Gardens in Amsterdam.
Note: The joke is old. Only the setting is new. :-)


  1. Thanks for a laughing start to the day :)

  2. Oh, brilliant! I love the progression of this from hamsters through jam to tulips. This deserves an award!

  3. Excellent limericks Stafford! With that touch of humor, it is hilarious. Hamster jam? yucks! But they turn out good!


  4. Bwahahahahaha - hilarious my dear Stafford (but I now have totally gone off jam).

  5. TC! You are a tricky fellow with the verse.

  6. oy! Dont make me laugh .....timely poem for me- I'm in Muir of Ord in Scotland visiting friends on their croft and we're making jam- not "hamster" but rather Raspberry!

  7. 'jamming' has taken on a whole new meaning!

  8. Beautifully written! You have a great style.


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