Monday, 5 September 2011

Magpie's lost habitat.


The only people
on this earth
who create wealth
are fishermen, farmers
and manufacturers.

The rest of us,
from presidents
to professors,
from bankers to brokers
are hired help.


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  1. What have you created today?
    I saw that written on a wall of the T the other day.

  2. i think that's why i feel so good when i come home from my job as hired help and immediately drop everything and walk right out into my garden and collect the tomatoes and peppers i've grown. then, like today, spend the afternoon transforming those into food that i can live off of in the coming months. i am useful.

  3. You are so right, the most of us are hired help.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog the other day about snow in Dunedin - I have to agree with you that snow in the South Island happens every winter but snow where I live, about 50 kms from the Auckland CBD, is so rare that it is about 100 years since it snowed here.

  4. Well said, Stafford. I'm not doing much..but I do leave Oct 23rd for six months in India. I think my very small retirement income will go much further there and I will be able to visit friends all over the country for my final hurrah of a vacation.

  5. You have a sobering way of putting life into perspective, my friend.

  6. You may be right.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  7. deep thoughts, profound message to those who think beyond the lines. truly nice to be the hired help.

  8. Dear Stafford,
    Sometimes, we need to look at things in black and white as you have done here. The gray areas are always - gray and as such, subject to manipulation.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. I would argue Stafford that the poets, artists, and musicians also create wealth, a wealth of spirit -- without which I would not care to live...

  10. I think Rob has hit the nail on the heat - not all wealth is material...

  11. must be why the farmers are going extinct...smiles.

    perhaps they understand something we do not....

  12. As far as material wealth is concerned; I wholly concur. We are hired help, working for "the man" (who's the man?)Let all those who find wealth be rich in spiritual wealth as well. Although something about the eyehole of a needle and a camel which may make it very difficult for some of the hired helpers and true engineers of wealth. Those who think they can take it with them are undoubtedly sadly mistaken! Love how you turned us all into magpies Stafford! jane jones

  13. I might question what you have said, if I might? It seems you list some "takers"? They do work hard, but take from what is the commons?

  14. Rob,
    I was thinking of that...but I guess it is the Asian nature in me that prevented me from saying this of ourselves...we have a saying, "masuk bakul angkat sendiri", which means literally, "Getting into a basket and carrying it yourself"
    Thanks for saying it so well.

  15. Everything beyond those basic producers is a form of consumption rather than production. While they may add a great deal of pleasure, they are dependent on the producers. When a society or organization no longer produces enough real products to support themselves, they become a drain on others.

  16. Complete agreement - exemplary, wish I'd written this (said in a non-jealous, amiable way). =)

  17. Well, yes, but... :) Powerful and provocative.

  18. very true-we;re here in Muir of Ord at a friends little croft- it feeds us and others too...lovely

  19. Couldn't Agree more!*sigh*
    I guess this is one of the best interpretations on this week's magpie:)


  21. You are a wise man Stafford...full of truth.

  22. Er . . Stafford . . . to whom do the farmers sell their produce? Like, each other? Thought provoking nonetheless. Don't like "discuss" Reminds me of waffling through school and college exams. Take care. All good wishes.

  23. I don't often answer comments because so few revisit to read them, but this time I feel the need.
    To Lucy and some others, there is no intention to devalue the work of all except farmers, fishermen and manufacturers.
    However, that is where the wealth starts.

    A farmer buys a tractor, designed by an engineer, manufactured by a fabricator using steel from a foundry that sources iron ore from far away, carried on ships crewed by men and women supplied with food from a providore and fuelled by oil from a refinery that pipes oil from an oilfield where drillers watch movies at night filmed by beautiful people from Mumbai who are kept looking good by a bevy of hairdressers and dressmakers and so it goes on. The toe bone is connected to the foot bone...
    Yet somehow farmers/fishermen/manufacturers rarely get to keep much of the wealth they create and that is because they are undervalued.
    The CEO of Westpac bank takes home $10 million while Blue Scope Steel (manufacturer)just laid off over a thousand workers. This year hundreds of farmers went broke and here in Mooloolaba six trawlers were decommissioned.

  24. Regretabley it appears that only manufacturers amass wealth.

    Wise words Stafford, wise words.

    Anna :o]

  25. WOW!! What food for thought. I love it!

  26. Yes, even the bankers and politicians need food and "goods". I just wish we could do without them.... :)


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