Wednesday, 13 April 2011

RR Greens.

Last weekend I attended the inaugural meeting of the Rural and Regional Greens at Beachmere, SE Queensland. The reason such a body was formed was to educate the public about the dangers of coal seam gas but specifically to warn of the consequences of accessing coal seams by drilling through Australia’s priceless underground water resource, the Great Artesian Basin.

Water in the Basin starts its journey in rainy Papua New Guinea and travels thousands of kilometres south through permeable rock to underlie 22% of the continent, or 1,700.000 Sq Km. It is estimated to hold 65,000 cubic kilometres of fresh water and is crucial to the viability of dryland farming in Central Australia. That natural wonder is under immediate and dire threat. click here for ‘Potential depletion due to coal seam gas’. Here is revealed that leaks have happened and 48,000 such gas wells are planned for the agriculturally rich and irreplacable Darling Downs alone. This is a big deal.

Coal seam gas extraction contaminates ground water and causes its confining strata to be breached. Are we risking permanent destruction in exchange for thirty years of gas extraction? We are, apparently!

Coal seam gas- Water contamination.

We know it is not ‘if’ but ‘when’,
So we asked the gas miners again.
They answered; “Of course,
It de-stroys the source.
But we will be long gone by then!”



  1. Great post Stafford - it beggars belief doesn't it?

  2. This Earth needs more people like you to keep the dialogue going ... people with passion, dedication, intelligence and concern.

  3. *Sigh* is right, but I love the poem you created, which also shows the stark reality of people's attitudes.

  4. Aaaaaarrrrrrgggggggg!!!!!!!!!

  5. It's happening here, too, and the complaints and documentaries roll while the ruination continues.

  6. I'm so depressed about this. What gets me is that the miners and mining companies are quite aware of the damage they're doing but they don't care. I don't get it. I don't GET it. Right now I feel like punching someone.....

  7. Water, the most precious resource. Frank Herbert got it right.

    But I don't supposed everyone reads Dune.

    So we need you to continue the message. Here is my poem from August 2010.

    Imagine this beauty to be
    The last drop of water on earth
    Dried up are all the seas
    Pent up are the clouds above

    Dunes across the continents
    Deserts stretched to the poles
    Humans long forgotten
    Encased as fossils below

    Along came two aliens
    Who studied the world's history
    "There was once water and gardens...
    Then it all dried up mysteriously."

    For the aliens could not comprehend
    That humans could be so ignorant
    As to destroy life's precious element
    And thus the life's cycle ends

    - self annihilation...

    Sorry for the long post.

  8. ninotaziz, thank you for this poem, and for all of my friends who support sustainability over immediate profit for a few.
    All I can ask of you now, is that you write to your politicians to let them know you are aware, you are watching and you vote.

  9. The actions of men are very sad indeed. I heard someone say the "men" have killed so many and destroyed so much, perhaps the women should have a go for awhile? I'm not saying they could do better for sure, but maybe it might be a good idea just to see.

  10. Dear Stafford,

    I hope you do drop by
    to read a little poem inspired by you.

  11. I am enjoying reading your informed and informative posts . I agree with the sigh by frayedges above,and your other readers. Thanks for your inspiration --- I'm back to 1970.

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