Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Left Overs

In Sydney last weekend, thousands gathered in support of action to stop human induced climate change and made it clear that if a tax would help, they were for it. A short distance away, an opposing rally was told by the leader of the Opposition that a carbon tax was futile and unnecessary. The narrowness of the 'debate' was illustrated by one banner wielder's worry about her old Mom.

That banner reminded me of an octagenarian complaining in 1966, when Australia adopted decimal currency. Quote: "I just don't understand it. Why can't they put the damned thing off until all the old people die!"

The old irresponsible breed
Who march to Conservative creed;
Are arrogant fools,
Who ignorance rules,
And live in delusion and greed!

Greed: Economic growth now is more important than ocean, air and human survival.
Delusion: Abbott's answer to climate change; "We can plant trees."

The math is as follows (very roughly).
To absorb the CO2 for one car-year needs a hectare of trees. We multiply that by ten milion cars. In the next twenty years that is 200 million hectares, or 2 million square kilometres.
Coal fired powe stations produce 36% of carbon emissions. For each 20 years, if they continue as now, we need to plant out (say) 4 million square kiometres. By the time we add in cow flatulence and landfill dump emissions and a few miscellaneous, we are up to around 8 million square kilometres already.

But hang on, the total area of Ausralia is less than 8 million square kilometres.
We will just have to live somewhere else!

Limerick first published by Poetry 24.


  1. Love this, good writing - nice to meet a kindred spirit (on the "green" leaning thoughts).

  2. I couldn't believe the crap being spewed at that rally. Great limerick Stafford and congrats on getting it published at Poetry24. It takes thousands and thousands of years for carbon to be turned into coal - and humans are releasing that carbon back into the atmosphere at a rate that is terrifying - and there are still people who do not believe in global warming (and Tony bonehead is one of them - even though he is forced to say he sort of believes it, but it is not a big deal, and blah, blah, blah).

  3. Love the poem and the ancedote about!

    Whenever we asked my Dad to do anything he would always roll his eyes and quote "That's it - wear the old ones out first!"

  4. Love the limerick and so agree with 'Greed and Delusion.'

    I think your average Joe though is more interested in himself now and gives no thought to tomorrow... and his children shall inherit the earth.

    I always use the analogy of the smokers lungs - I am a smoker by the way - but am informed by the blind that the earth has the ability to heal itself...

    Sorry - I am dozy with tiredness so perhaps the above is not very clear. Hope it is.

    Anna :o]

  5. what bothers me the most is no one talks about the elephant - the giant pregnant elephant in the room= The fact that there are too many of us-we are wearing out and using up the planet.

  6. SO ! Beadie Eyed Budgie,'Chief Henchman 'and now
    ' Number One Candidate for Most Sneaky ,Slippery,
    Bullshitter Of All Time ' wants ' Trees ' eh ?

    May I suggest we give him and all the other members of the * Slimy Getcha Gotcha Party * a
    * Big Forest of Trees , Complete With Porceline Thrones, and Plenty of ' Pheeww Perfume ' ... Send them all off to the :-


    With my * VERY BEST WISHES *

  7. "A short distance away, an opposing rally was told by the leader of the Opposition that a carbon tax was futile and unnecessary."

    Wow, what a surprise, eh? There's got to be a playlist for this kind of thing. For instance, first ignore your opponents. Then, when you can no longer ignore them, dismiss them. Next, marginalize them. Something like that.


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