Monday 8 September 2014

Confession of Innocence.

I tried, not enough, to resist,
as instinct drew me to her.
It seemed at the time, as if
Choices was just another word
others used.

And now, as years and consequence
reveal the possibilities, too late,
I know, as gentle sadness comes,
I was helpless, a moth, drawn
to its candle.

Thank you Tess for providing us with your challenges.

Something happened yesterday that took me back a long time and brought this on. Perhaps it was also prompted by the unexpected and sudden death of the incredibly talented Kerrie Biddell, musician extraordinaire.
For anyone still searching for the Book, it seems Amazon has not deigned to list it as yet, so I suggest you Google 'Book Depository', look for Cull by Stafford Ray, and leave your email address to be notified when it comes in. They ship free world wide.

Important (to me). Any of my friends who have read Cull, please go to Goodreads and review it for me.


  1. ... if I replace one pronoun, this poem describes me (and many others I suspect.) Beautifully composed, Mr. Ray.

    1. Thanks Woonie, I know it applies to anyone who was ever 'in love' and in a way, it is also about you

  2. oh yes! I have met many a moth that ended up burning my fingers if not my wings!

  3. Beautifully quiet and quietly beautiful...

  4. Choice rarely comes into it when we encounter our femme fatale ....

  5. no choice...moths will be drawn to candle or whatever light...

  6. I think we both saw the same light in our prompt here Stafford.....there is a no real black and white in what drives us yet in a way it is all so clear when you look back. Again congrats on the book. Hope Amazon gets it listed soon. :-)

  7. Sometimes there is no choice the attraction is too strong and the will bends..

  8. This is sublime. Love and Light, S

  9. Stafford - Amazon UK (Visit is listing "Cull" in the Kindle store for your Kindle reader or Kindle computer app.


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