Monday 22 September 2014

At the beach, almost all people hide their keys and wallets in their shoes.

Hot sun, warm breeze, just you and me.
We lazed for hours, beside the sea.
Then home, then back,
Alas alack!
The tide came in; can’t find my key!

Book (Cull Stafford Ray) now available at Booktopia (Australia) and and of course from the publisher . Book Depository still out of stock. Getting some great reviews. (keep them coming in.)
Thank you Tess for your continuing support for writing and writers.


  1. Hand to forehead ... Angst is her body language, for sure!

  2. I thought of that also...but changed my mind.... This actually happened to a friend this summer....and she found the keys. The car keys!! Sheer luck! Have a great day!

  3. she is definitely searching for something lost..

  4. I agree they do, and I adore this prose.

  5. yes, the dilemma of where to hide the keys when going to the beach!

  6. Should have brought the boots the first time. Nice!


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