Monday, 18 August 2014

Sorry, Archimedes.

The first I noticed was the soap
That slid across the kitchen sink.
And then, the hill I climb with ease
Was steeper than before, I think.

Then where I often park the car,
Once level, now was at an angle.
And my bed, a solid haven,
Tipped me out, bed clothes a-tangle.

 But when I sought the Magpie prompt
I realised then, the simple fact is;
Why my life seems such a shambles;
The world had tipped upon its axis.

 RAD's photo from Magpie Tales makes a challenging prompt.
 PS. Thanks for those intrepid seekers from the Blogosphere, who tracked down my novel, Cull at JoJo and bought it! I look forward to (and maybe dread) comments.
BUT! Just heard from JoJo they are releasing Cull in the US and Britain. I will announce when and where as soon as I know.


  1. ... or too much Cabernet from Coonawarra ??

    1. One cannot have too much Cabernet from Coonawarra!

  2. Fantabulous as ever, O blogpal with a great sense of humour. :-)

  3. "Climbing on the topsails.....i lost my leeeeeeegggg!!!"
    - ( dropkick murphys " shipping out to boston " )

  4. Meaningful and rather touching...

  5. You never fail to make me smile. Love and Light, S

  6. oh hahah good one Stafford! Cheers !

  7. Life can be a bit topsy tervy sometimes. Love the rhyme in this Stafford!!

  8. You are a master of badinage, Stafford. Goodinage for you. And us.

  9. Visiting you is always a treat Ford...looking forward to your book!


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