Sunday 14 August 2011

Shoot the Prime Minister??

As if the rhetoric was not dangerous enough already, now we have a Conservative candidate saying 'Julia Gillard is evil' and should meet the same fate as John F Kennedy!

Of course his statement was disowned by the party but Tony Abbott must take responsibility for setting the stage. The Prime Minister has shown she is inexperienced in the job, making premature announcements and underestimating the ignorance of her constituents and so failing to fully sell her policies. But she is not evil. What is evil the wave of outrageous personal vilification Abbott and his Conservative Storm Troopers have generated against the Prime Minister.

It seems I was closer to the truth than I realised when I posted this piece of satire! (edited). Since then Abbott has said he will gain government at the next election then call a double dissolution as soon as his bills to dump the Carbon and Mining Taxes are blocked.


 Scene: Digger Pitt, mining magnate talking to Tony Abbott after he failed to attract enough support to form government. ('Rupert' is of course Murdock whose newspapers have been outrageously biased towards the big end of town).

Tony is on the phone to Digger.

“What the hell can I do now, Digger?”
“What? You’re asking me? Just get that bitch out! We need a new election before July or we’re stuffed!”
“With respect, Digger, it’s a bad look for me to go back on a promise, I…”
“Ha, ha, ha! Don’t shit me Tony. When did you not… paid maternity leave over your dead body, climate change is bunkum? Those two little doozies would have cost me a mint. But this is serious mate. We can’t pay a mining tax AND buy BHP Billiton!”
“But if I go back on that I’ll upset the independents more…”
“So? Just get me a new election and I’ll take care of them. With an Atheist in the lodge and a poofter running the Greens mate, we've got God on our side. I'll hit the media and you’ll win at a gallop!”
“But you’ll still have Greens in the Senate!”
“So they block and you get a double dissolution. Just get me an election and we’ll do the rest.”
“OK, Digger, leave it to me. I reckon I can bring her down.”
“Good boy Tony! Can I tell Rupert you’re on side?”
“Of course, always.”
“Thanks mate, we’ll be watching.”


  1. Your guys are no more asinine than ours. It's damn sad to conclude that all of the people who are running your country are 50% evil and 50% stupid.

    I think I'll go dig myself a pit and crawl into it.

  2. Snow, it is worse. 50-50 gives us an even chance.
    BTW, you left out the 'undecided' who don't know if they are evil or stupid and furthermore, why do you assume evil and stupid are mutually exclusive? I would have thought they are congruent, making it possible for each group to go all the way up to 100%.
    It seems we are heading that way!

  3. Getting PM Gillard stuffed? Come on, we need eloquence,skills,wit,charisma among others and a pretty face. There may not be another lady vying for office in the near term..... ok, Penny, ok. But she is more bothered with keeping another lady happy, currently in the grips of family way (wonder what will be baby's surname - any law here? Penny may move a bill on this and spring a surprise!

  4. Yes, kaykuala, female pollies face different criteria. Remember PM John Gorton, WW2 Spitfire pilot with the rebuilt face and serial womaniser?
    That worthy was about as ugly a primate you can get outside a zoo but nobody ever commented on that or his shade of lipstick... FYI it was flake grey.
    Stott-Despoja was very photogenic but presided over the demise of her party.
    Angela Merkel is a formidable role model whose dress sense does not seem to be worth a comment either. Penny Wong? No opinion so no comment, although I do admire her honesty.
    Lastly, can you imagine a previous time when the Australian electorate would have elected an Atheist PM, a lesbian to cabinet and an openly gay man to lead our third largest party? There is hope.
    But my fear is that like the stock market, booms are followed by busts... Tony Abbott, man of faith, puppet of the archbishop and big overseas owned resource companies, misogynist, sceptical of all things scientific, hater of people in boats and people on low incomes that he believes should be on even lower incomes. I can hardly wait!!!

  5. "why do you assume evil and stupid are mutually exclusive?"

    Simple. God is good; therefore god makes some politicians stupid, and he makes other politicians evil, but he adamantly refuses to make any one politician both stupid and evil. Either that or I agree completely with you but somehow failed to communicate my point adequately.

  6. Snow, you did make your point well and I was simply expanding it. No criticism intended. Now, back in the US. How do you fancy shoot-em-up Palin as your next President? How do you think she would tackle the problems of Climate Change? Shoot her way out?
    (I wrote a book on just that subject five years ago and she is the one who could make the nightmare a reality).
    PS. Re God. God is useful to help folks feel better when someone dies, like a few belts of scotch.
    Tell a lie to soften the blow like "They are in a better place".
    Was it you who said "I think I'll go dig myself a pit and crawl into it"?
    Did you know millions of people are dying to do just that???
    Sorry... I will turn off and go to bed now, maybe I will feel better in the morning.

  7. Since I don't think there really is evil.... (but I'm beginning to question that?) Maybe they are all just stupid... in for immediate gain. It is all so sad and so frustrating. Palin is a nightmare!!!!

  8. ... then there is Michelle Bachmann!

  9. "How do you fancy shoot-em-up Palin as your next President?"

    If the Republicans run a woman, it will be Bachmann. Palin is simply too easy to make fun of because she appears to have the IQ and the erudition of a chimpanzee. Of course, they ran Bush, Jr, and he the same qualities plus he actually looked like a chimpanzee, and, of course, he won!

  10. These people reported in the press are unbelievable - leave Julia alone!

  11. Tony Abbott is scum. I have never hated a politician as much as I hate him and the good Lord knows how much I despised John Howard so that is saying something.

    Abbott focusses on undermining Julia because he stands for nothing himself. NU-THING. He is like the stupid kid in the classroom who bullies everyone to cover up how stupid he is.

    The muck-raking is becoming too much for me. I am rapidly losing my sense of humour about it. Why do so many sensible people have to endure the inane, insane doings of pseudo politicians? It's just not right.


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