Wednesday, 10 August 2011

This Magpie apologises.

I apologise for the apparent wallow in self pity of the last post. It was just a memory and in a way a celebration of escape from my father's genocidal, paternalistic, vengeful, cruel and unjust god.

Back then we were all forced to fear Him through OT readings and preacher rantings reinforced by liberal applications of The Rod.

But right now, with plenty to do and the love of a good woman, I have never been happier.

Caged Emotions 1947.

Barn dance, fox trot
quickstep, waltz.
Teenage kids
in tops and shorts.

Jitterbug and
rock and roll.
Laughing, squealing
guy and doll.

Long walk home with
 hand in hand.
Waking, stirring
Earth’s command.

Home and lit by
light globe bright.
Lust denied this
time. Good night!

Teenagers: I would rather watch and sympathise than be one.
More post war wisdom and confessions can be found at Magpie Tales.


  1. "I apologise for the apparent wallow in self pity of the last post."

    We'll let it pass--this time. Besides, if you wallow too much and too well, it could distract from my wallowing.

  2. Stafford,
    What I like most about your writing is that I can relate with them in terms of time and space. It covers the period of my growing up with almost similar goings-on despite different locations.

  3. Now I feel like dancing..good beat to this little gem..

    Ah, those were the sweet days..a simple good night...and perhaps another "date" they still do that?

  4. You have a great voice coming through all of your writing. I always enjoy my visit here.

  5. Never apologise for what you write Stafford (unless of course you start mouthing off like Andrew Bolt, Tony Abbott, and co,). Love this fun poem - nice little story about innocent fun and teenage angst (mainly for the boy I should think).

  6. you're a dear and nothing you write needs an apology.... your writing shows depth I think
    love the magpie..I wouldn't want to be a teenager again either
    and the love of a good woman...what else could a man want

  7. Lovely Magpie...
    You need not apologise...What are friends for if not to share how you feel...
    We are here,say all you want:)

  8. Yeah! I think I was ALMOST on your wavelength with this one...

  9. I love the "rather watch than be one" sentiment.

    Most confussing and frustrating time of your life!

    (enjoyed your last post but nice to read something more cheerful from you though)

  10. Lovely encapsulation of teenhood. My "long walk home" was on a pushbike! Freezes yer lust nae bother!

  11. As parents we do the best we can. Very cute write about the teenagers.

  12. I like the gutsy, hard hitting Stafford ... this Magpie is very sweet, fun to read.

  13. This made me want to have a barn dance!

  14. Loved both poems. You certainly don't need to apologise for encapsulating a childhood memory so succinctly (and beautifully).

  15. I am glad you survived your childhood to write like you do!
    (I would rather watch and sympathize teens than be one again, also.)

  16. Excellent - one of my favorite reads on this prompt: short, sharp, no wasted words.

  17. This wanted me to find a partner and rock 'n roll. Cancan petticoats, pony tails and flatties - but that was a bit later than 1947. Had to be otherwise I'd have been jiving in my diapers!

    Great write, as always.


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