Saturday 17 April 2010


Maybe it is saxophone players, but they are definitely the champs of absent mindedness and of those, Dave Rutledge was the best. Dagwood, so named because of his personality is a really nice bloke, very capable musician but dangerously forgetful. He told me this story himself so I suspect it was watered down somewhat. It all started when he bought a new runabout to go fishing outside.

Dagwood picked up his three mates, who dumped their rods, bait and slabs of VB into the boat and climbed into his Vee Dub. At the boat ramp, she was launched and held while Dave parked the car and trailer.

It was a great day. They caught enough fish to justify being out there and were approaching the ramp with the sun in their eyes, beer in their veins and joy in their hearts when Dagwood destroyed the mood. He could not find his car keys.

They searched their pockets. Tackle boxes were upturned, spilling the detritus of decades onto Dave’s new floor. Rusty hooks, loose sinkers and old bits of prawn shells were revealed, but no keys. Eventually in desperation they tipped their fish out of the Esky but when the bow touched the beach, they still had no keys and no more hiding places. Eventually after a period of reflection Boof came up with an idea.

‘Come on up to the car Dags,’ offered Boof. ‘I reckon I can hot wire it, get you home at least.’
So, while the others tidied up the mess, Boof grabbed pliers, some wire trace and with Dave in tow, headed for the car. A few metres short they stopped, listened then ran the last few strides to the driver’s door.

There were the keys, hanging in the ignition. And there was his little VW, doors unlocked and engine idling, ready to go home!


  1. Ha,ha - couldn't happen today without the car getting stolen. Shouldn't that be dak dak dak dak dak daakkkkkkkk. My friends many years ago always called the Vdub Beetle the Dak Dak. I've got a New Beetle now and call it the Dak Dak, but it doesn't make that very recognisable sound (in fact the engine is in the front nowadays).

  2. Your written stories are very interesting just for their content. Then considering in the mix your writing pattern and style, these storyteller posts are very amazing reads.

    Dangerously forgetful saxophone player indeed. There must be any number of consequences from leaving a vehicle parked, unlocked, and running all day -- even an air cooled VW.

    Also have to agree though, amazing that it wasn't stolen!

    Personally familier with a diesel front engine VW Rabbit pick-up truck, now owned by a restoration collector. Selling it was similar to losing a family pet. That VW's telling nickname was "Putt Putt"


  3. There's a VW poem in there somewhere:
    tocka tocka,
    dak, dak,
    putt putt

  4. Dak Dak.

    Tok Tok Dakka dakka Put-put Put-put,
    Tok tok dakka dakka put!

    Hear the clatter of a Vee Dub Vee Dub,
    With the donkey in the back!

    Now the engine’s in the front-front front-front
    Water cooled and full of grunt;

    Changed forever is the sound-sound sound-sound,
    Never more the ears astound!

    Sounds like every other car-car car-car,
    What a shame they went that far!

    Tok Tok Dakka dakka Put-put Put-put
    Tok tok dakka dakka put!


  5. Fantastico - ready Mr Music.


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