Thursday 15 April 2010

Family Tees.

Hovee Ray, paternal grandfather, moved from Tasmania about 1919 leaving behind most of the family, good breeders all and now scattered all over the Holiday isle.

My niece, Jennifer Ray, 16 of Alexandra Headland is a pretty good golfer, thanks to her step father Eric’s tutelage and natural Ray athleticism. (Ha! Ha! No, really!) Her mum, Dianne mentioned more or less in passing that Jennifer was off to Ulverstone Tasmania for the Australian Girls Amateur Championship and would need accommodation.

I had been communicating with my Tasmanian cousin Linnie Carew, our Ray family tree scribe so I shot off an e-mail to ask if there were any Rays in Ulverstone who might like to take on my niece for the three day tournament. Honestly, I didn’t know exactly where Linnie lived, but bugger me, she wrote back to say she lived in Ulverston and her mum, a Ray would be delighted to put up a couple of the girls and would even organise a cheer squad. How good is that! This morning, Jen’s friend Lauren is leading the tournament.

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  1. There you go -- the Ray athleticism. You are good to be singing about your niece's athletic accomplishments. And she can be proud of her work's results.

    There really are so many learned life skills and life-long benefits for youth that participate in organized competitive athletics. The higher caliber the competition, the more gains.

    Many wishes here for Jennifer's continued current success and her continued development as a female athlete of great sportsmanship


  2. YEH !


    GO ! GIRL GO !

  3. Hi Stafford,
    I haven't spoken to Mum yet but I'm sure the girls have settled in well. The Ray athleticism is alive and well on our side of the family as well. Let me give you the hot tip, look out for the name "Josh Walmsley" in the cricketing circles, he's my nephew & has represented our Island state on many occasions. He is also a great footballer as well. Good Luck Jennifer, I'll get an update tomorrow night when I phone Mum. Have fun :-)
    Cheers - Linnie

  4. Yay - exciting stuff. Why don't your links link Stafford? Don't forget to always have a space between your writing and the URL address (otherwise the computer gets confused).

  5. Sorry about the link and Gabrielle, thanks for the tip. It worked for me but I had to copy and paste into the browser!


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