Thursday, 31 March 2011

magpie 59, problem solved

Da Vinci's ice maiden

Who is shis woman Mona Leezer;
Sexy eyes for all that seezer?
Smug, assured
Adored and bored,
She keeps her lovers in her freezer!

No need for worry or for doubt,
Jealousy to fret about.
When she fancies
Sweet romance, she
Chooses one and thaws him out!

Prompted by Magpie Tales.


  1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. This time I did pic first then typed directly into the HTML window (as suggested), and the formatting did hold but only when I went straight from there to 'publish'. That means no cut and paste! What a bummer.

  2. Stafford: Don't think I was clear enough. For about the past month I have had to upload/download (never quite sure which is which!) via HTML as it wont work by the normal route.

    I then switch over to compose and compose(!) without problem, so maybe then you could cut and paste? Never tried this myself.

    I am able to save to file and edit without problem until posting.

    Anna :o]

  3. PS Should have said upload/download pic!

  4. ahah so that's how we can formmat without all the headaches!!!! Thanks Stafford for being wise enough to put those questions out there!!

  5. whichever way you got it done to your satisfaction in the end, it is a very funny rhyme and I'm glad I got to read it.
    I am most certainly a satisfied visitor.

  6. payment for all the wonderful laughs and smiles your poems give me Stafford...i owe you a million bucks...this is priceless!! :-)

  7. Beautiful both ways. The words are strong enough to stand alone.

  8. I don't use "LOL" much at all. That is because I want to be real when I say: I just laughed out loud!

    "Adored and bored" is what I will remember now every time I see her face in the future (and the image is so different when cropped to remove the scenery and her hands, etc.)

  9. Your excellent twin limericks sparked an idea! Best thanks, Stafford.

  10. Dear Stafford: Got me LMAO all day long...this is riotous! Hey! Great take on the captivating Mona!

  11. Are you out from the freezer, Stafford?

    How else would you know?

    A great visit, as usual. Thank you!

  12. Oh! I do love and applaud this!!


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