Sunday, 13 March 2011

Electricity prices will go up.

Does it scare you that Abbott and now Unsworth are stirring up fear of higher electricity prices under a carbon cap and trade system? It should.
How about a carbon tax? Does that scare you? It shouldn't.

They both know a cap and trade system is the only sure way of pushing investment in renewables and the tax will be used to ease the burden on households and business through the transition period. So why are they out to destroy it? Because they are both being faithful servants of their constituencies; Big Business.

So if you are not a big business, think carefully about the consequences of handing your environmental future to Big Business and if you are a big polluter perhaps the question to you should be; "Are you a corporation first or human beings first?"

Corporations by nature pursue profit at any price, so it is time for human CEO's and human board members to regain control. Even corporations don't have a great future on a dead planet.

Whingeing over the cost of change is depressingly familiar. Remember the shrill prouncents that; 'it is impossible to refrigerate without CFC's. Engines cannot run on unleaded petrol. You can't insulation without asbestos... brake linings, tobacco, etc'? They all had their apologists and scare campaigns but manufacturers adjusted and even improved their products.

This is no different except that failure to fix climate change will make all other problems irrelevant.

We have been living far beyond our environmental means for a hundred years and environmental bankruptcy is terrifyingly close. Just like an overdrawn credit card, to fix it we must live within our environmental budget and achieve a carbon neutral economy as quickly as possible.

If I have to tighten my environmental belt a little more to avoid environmental catastrophe and give my grandchildren a future, so be it.

Greens are good for you.

David Shoebridge, NSW Greens leader.

The Libs care for little but wealth
And Labs seek the same, but by stealth.
So, if you care
For the trees, streams and air,
Vote Green. It’s good for your health!

Politics is a dirty word. Lets clean it up!
Image borrowed from Nicholson, cartoonist extraordinare!


  1. Standing ovation!!!!!!!! This is a brilliant post - I will tweet it for you - so sick of the scaremongering about price (and don't get me started on that Bolt ningnong - he was on Insiders this morning spreading crap as usual).

  2. Not clear whether David Shoebridge or you wrote this post. His photo there looked like a byline. Never mind. It's a good message, whoever wrote it. But can modern pollies vote for anything worthwhile that calls for a bit of belt-tightening (or may appear to)? A tall call, that, in an age of focus-group decision-making.

  3. It's a message that needs to be constantly hammered home, Stafford. Nice work.

  4. Great poem at the end says it all!

  5. I have been very busy, and will be so for some time. I've missed reading you. I will, when I get time to come by. Good post as always! My heart is heavy for the loss in Japan. It sure seems were are facing some hard times. Seems like the devils are "going for it" here. I would like to think they know their time is limited. Hope you are well.xoxoxoxo

  6. Laughing at Gabrielle using ningnong. Haven't heard that one for years. May I add that I also think people who scaremonger about the costs etc. are a bunch of drongos. It really is outrageous. I will admit to growing weary of it. It's going to cost us more in the long term if we don't address the environmental issues facing us right now.

    The corporations can kiss my you-know-what and so can the ignorant politicians.

  7. Dear Stafford,

    Well said. Well put. Need to be well placed so that the message can be well received.

    I feel for Japan too. Have a friend I still cannot get in touch with in Tokyo. We must realise the catastrophe is a world catastrophe - we no longer live in isolation.

    Yes Suz! I am gardening as much as I can!


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