Thursday, 17 March 2011

Magpie's 57 varieties.

Flower Names

‘Pink of my John’ would be dandy,
Or ‘Jump Up and Kiss Me’ quite handy.
‘Flame Thrower’ is nice.
But take my advice
And never call any bloke ‘Pansy!’

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(Whimsical names for Pansy from Wiki)


  1. bhahaha - very funny Stafford :)

  2. ... or make the bloke sing 'Sweet Violets'

  3. Nice one Stafford

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  5. Wise words and excellent wordplay! Here, if you call a bloke "Pansy", he'll kiss you without your permission if you're a girl, or knock you out if you're a guy.

    I dropped by to tell you that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award: The bloggers I admire most are the funny ones, and you are, without a doubt, funny! And an excellent writer at that. Hope you'll accept the award. :)

  6. He-he! Delightful and jaunty!

    Anna :o]

  7. Pink of my John? What on earth do you mean...?? Oh, THAT pink of my John.....!!

  8. Stafford you are king of the dittys! You truly could write music! I still remember a cute song my grandfather taught me when I was a went like this:
    Handsome Harry handsome Harry Thomas
    he was sued yes sued for breach of promise
    he took Mary walking down the dell
    and said "don't you dare to tell"
    Mary went right home and told her Mother
    Maw told Paw then Paw then told the brother
    the brother told the Preacher
    and the Preacher told a wedding bell
    never take a walk with Mary
    never take a walk with Sue
    never take a walk with Maude or Carrie
    thats the kind of girl you'll have to marry
    if you take a girl out walking
    down a little shady dell
    always take a girl name Daisy
    cause Daisys wont tell! :-)


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