Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Magpie 59 (minus picture)

Who is this woman, Mona Leezer?
Sexy eyes, for all that seezer.
Smug, assured
Adored and bored
She keeps her lovers in the freezer!

No need for worry or for doubt,
Jealousy to fret about
When she fancies
Sweet romance, she
Chooses one and thaws him out!

This is the format I wanted but when the picture was added, it went as you see below. Any ideas?


  1. Stafford- I have the same issues with blogger and not being able to easily format simple lines of poetry...I've tried goofing around with the html to no avail...it's the only gripe I have with blogger....so I am no help- but you have my heart felt sympathies!!!

  2. The mysteries of the spirits which inhabit computers is beyond me Stafford. Sometimes it works and sometimes it don't. My current problem is in editing my 'Funeral' story all the paragraphs disappeared and no matter what i do i can't get them back. The spirits have determined that it should read as a solid block of text. Beats me!

  3. Oh I wish I could do this - it sounds much more fun than getting "involved". Trouble is once they've been defrosted can you re-freeze them?

    As to your question - beats me I'm afraid. I have spent more than a few frustrating hours trying to get attachments to go where I want them to.

  4. So funny! Really a great magpie. I may try one this week...

    Oh, perhaps the image melted?!

  5. Write your poem on a notepad page which is unformatted, then copy/paste it and the picture to blgger Compose page...It worked for me!

  6. Whenever you edit a published post (as I suspect you did) the format is screwed up. I always fix mine with the html feature. At first it was terrifying (had more than my share of screw-ups) then I got the hang of it. Play with it a bit.

  7. Either way, it's a great, refreshingly irreverant take on the Lady (I suspect that smile is one of approval). Like Helen, I go to Preview first & then change in html if necessary. Sometimes it works--and sometimes it doesn't.
    This one doesn't need any special formatting to work.

  8. This poem is all you, sir,
    macabre and funny and
    irreverent. The trolls and
    monkeys that live in our
    computers always have fun
    at our expense.

  9. Stafford - to put it bluntly - blogger sux! Hahaha - it is also a pain with comment notification for us not using blogger - wordpress is much better ;)

  10. Beside what I said above - it is a good idea to put text into a program like Blogdesk (which removes unwanted formatting) - you can also do that with Microsoft Word - but not sure exactly how - and than copy again into your crappy Blogger - hahahaha.

  11. I don't know about Blogger being a Wordpress person but I'm sure you can whip it into shape, Stafford.

    I laughed so much at this post I almost wet myself. Comedy gold.

    And for the record? I have always thought ole Mona looked slightly psychotic. LOLZ.

  12. Thanks for your visit,and for your kind comment at notes, tales and observations.

  13. Does seem to be a formatting problem - is this the first time it has happened? Something to do with line space if you edit. I usually edit one line at a time - deleting unwanted lines after.

    I use quick editing direct from the blog page as this seems to eradicate possible problems and I always add the image first then write round it.

    I must state that I don't understand any of the tec stuff at all, learning purely by rote and good luck.

    Hope the problem sorts itself out.

    Anna :o]

  14. Remember, Blogger is making a "best guess" at what you want and creating html code accordingly.
    The solution is to ignore the compose pane and write directly in html. You won't have to penetrate very deeply into html's mysteries to get rid of those interline spaces.
    Good poem, despite all . . .

  15. Indeed she is/looks quite smug... Your poem captures it so well.

    I usually have the trouble you had in the previous post when I 'cut and paste' my poem from when I've written it in microsoft word... not sure if that is what happened. I then have to type it a new into a new post...

    good luck & great poem:).

  16. A daring rhyme, "Freezer" and "seezer" and very funny Magpie.

    I think that if you write using an unformatted app such as "TextEdit" (on Macs) when you paste your piece into the blogger compose pane, it will default to the layout/advanced settings you selected when you designed your blog.

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