Wednesday 25 July 2018


Hello to my reader.
I have decided to start again.
The story was becoming too cluttered and confusing (thanks for the observation to that effect).
When I start again the story will concentrate on two women (from the diary) who were not related but because of events, were forced into competing roles. As you will see, when I get into it, one went to so much trouble to thwart what she imagined as a threat that she caused harm that is being felt now, three quarters of a century later.
Thank you so much for reading and the comments. They were few, but really appreciated.


  1. Looking forward to the continuation! It's been way too long. Though I am not one to cast stones ... I have lost my muse for now.

  2. I wondered where you went! Looking forward to the reboot.

  3. I feel your pain Stafford. I was working on a story and felt the same way. Look forward to what comes next. I wanted to let you know that I started another blog prompt site similar to Magpie Tales. A picture will post every Sunday and you will have all week to link and join in. I would love it if you participated. Here is the link if you decide to:


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