Monday 22 December 2014

Malala Yousafzai - my hero.

This is the picture I choose to illustrate my last post of the year. This young woman was on her way to school when she was shot in the head by men, who were so frightened of educated women, they were willing to murder a young girl to shut her up. She recovered enough to reveal to the rest of us exactly why we must educate girls. In all the bluster and bloodshed that is our world, she is a voice of reason and compassion. Let's hope her passion and message encourages more women to speak up.
This poem was written in an appeal to women, particularly Muslim women, who are over represented in groups that are currently in conflict between (mainly) men. Lysistrata was a mythical woman of Greece, a thousand years before Mohammed and two and a half thousand years before ISIL. The Taliban would have been terrified of her too.

 Lysistrata in Hijab. 

Children of Islam, 
virgins all. 
Unrequited, stunted, tragic. 
Educated in ignorance 
to worship death. 

 Mothers of Islam, 
virgins no more. 
Prisoners of your own making. 
Only you can set them free, 
your children and your men.

I wish all my friends a happy holiday season.
Whatever religion you follow, or if you follow none, we are all Human Family and I love you.

Pic: Courtesy Wiki.


  1. Plea ~
    Give us strength to teach our daughters
    to understand the value of their gender
    give us courage to teach our daughters
    to stand tall in the face of their own power
    help us salvage our inner strength
    by turning it into the power of
    ten thousand tsunamis
    give us courage to take back
    what is rightfully ours

    I composed this several years ago .. seems appropriate now.

    Happy Holidays, Stafford ~ Carl and I leave early tomorrow ~ for six glorious weeks!


    1. To the poem, Amen. To you dear girl, I wish the best holiday ever! XXOO

  2. such a sad hit,
    peace, love to that lady you feature.


  3. hello, happy holidays.

    encouraging you to submit a haiku to us today,

  4. Happy Christmas Stafford :D She is very inspirational!

  5. Excellent Stafford- she is an amazing young woman. Happy New Year to you and yours l

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