Monday 31 March 2014

Search for Meaning.


Images from other pages,
Legs, a tooth a razor blade.
Butterfly and tattooed skin
Scrapbook then, to stick them in.

 But what’s it mean? I hear you cry.
All a mess of shape and size?
The answer dear, is ‘nothing really.
It’s just our Tess being really silly’.

 Follow this link to stories and poems at magpie Tales.

 Coal: Nature's hazardous waste dump.


  1. Yup! We sure have fun at the old MT site, too!

  2. excellent Stafford- and thumbs up on the comment about coal. When will we ever learn?

  3. Things are warming up, to be sure , to be sure ....

  4. Cute as always. Made me think of Matisse's cut out drawings. Hope you are well.


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