Tuesday 5 February 2013

Flogging dead horses?

Baffling scaffolding;
pondering, wondering.
Building and gilding,
An edifice crum-bl-ing.


Library of stone
in the digital age,
bastion of relevance;
Ink on the page.

Yes, I still 'belong' to a library. Maybe I will buy a Kindle when all known literature has been digitised. Otherwise I am contributing to the destruction of knowledge, or am I just too old to change?

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  1. I too still belong to a library and where ever I am I seek out a library or used book store to feed my habit.
    I have gone to foreign beaches and am appalled to see Kindles, iPads and Nooks grasped by oiled and sandy hands that (as far as I am concerned) should be holding paperback books.
    So call me an older slightly crabby woman not willing to change. So be it.

  2. I know my library library card number by heart...

  3. You speak for many of the oldies, Stafford! I still make a bee-line for the local library. But what do I see there? I see many youngsters fiddling with their tabs while the oldies (only a handful) engrossed in old fashioned reading!)


  4. Too old to change? Hardly. I like the ease of reading on my Kindle whenever I travel .. I love the feel of a book in my hands. The best of both worlds!

  5. Ah, but the way I see it, we can never be too old for a library- and I just pray that we still have books 100 years from now!

  6. I have a library membership - but the library may not be there much longer. Has it been "cut" or kindled into submission?

  7. Well, I research online and in books, and online knowledge is inferior to books. I have a kindle, mainly because I can read it big print now the eyes are getting older, but I surround myself with books and read them far more. Always will.

  8. Good one Staff, the more high tech a society becomes, the easier their civilisation can vanish with any interruption to their energy resources, through war, natural disaster etc, then we become barbarians who worship literally a single book allegedly written thousands of years ago by some dude who came from another dimension, oh wait, thats us already !

  9. Ah yes, the digital age - what is it doing to us?

  10. Real books' batteries don't run out!

  11. The library in that picture is currently closed sadly! Your poem shows us that libraries are so much more than ink on the page. I love my iPad but give me a real book any day.

  12. A good piece Stafford. You brought forth a whole bunch of sentiments I agree with completely...one I too have considered with a fearful heart, from Kutamun; and I have a few times said the same... "oh wait, that's us already.

  13. Going to the library and selecting my books is one of the pleasures in my life. When I get home I have to take each one out of my bag and savour them all over again, deciding which will be first.
    I hope libraries never disappear. I can't see small children getting as excited over a digital book as they do when walking into a room full of books.
    I like how you expressed this.

  14. I think books will survive this digital age and become great collectors' items. I love my books and they are everywhere in the house, in all rooms, reminding me of my life.

    My iPad is for games and youtube. And Wikipedia is great for a quick update.

  15. The thought of you has been following me around...just wanted to say hi, and let you know, I lost my friend, Neil. Someone smart, sweet, and a wonderful friend, someone who reminded me of David. Hope you are doing OK. The thing I found so troubling about grief, was that it didn't behave as I thought it would. Yes, I love books.

  16. Ground cntrol to Stafford, ?, come in, major Tom .

    1. Thanks Annell, Ninot and Ned. I am OK, just having a break from writing. Actually it is depression. The depression is not serious, but the cause is and I will write a post on that subject right now. :-)


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