Monday 14 January 2013

Flawed Strategy.

It took so long to get it on,
determined to not be spied upon.
But it must come off agin
After the tonic and gin,
So I can go to visit the john!


Suggested design improvement.

Image borrowed from here.
You can come out now Tess, we know you are in there!
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  1. I asked you twice
    To help me dress,
    You got it upside down!
    Drinks are on you .. you silly sot
    For making me a mess!

  2. carefully plan while getting dressed
    make sure your clothes come off easily
    or you're bound to be really stressed
    and will push the limits of decency

  3. Scotch?

    J & B, for flustered me
    Now help me get undressed.
    It took so long to get it on
    BE CAREFUL!!! My right breast!

  4. to be or not to be
    she thought as she tugged on the lavender tube
    hopefully this will be a fashionista look
    as opposed to looking like a boob?

  5. Serious? You? Come on, get real!
    We’ve got your number, Sir.
    Irreverent, cheeky, tons of fun ..
    On this we both concur.

  6. My father claimed that in his childhood the children from the 'mountains' (he lived in North Wales) were sown into there underwear at the beginning of every winter ...

  7. I think I'd like that, Jane. As I get older I'm finding the daily shower more and more of a bore. I rely instead on daily swims. (Doesn't make you want to visit, does it!)

  8. You three made me smile. Thank you! I couldn't take this image seriously either.

  9. Replies
    1. Never too late to join in, Ninot!

    2. I have a cold, a blocked nose, a slight fever, a headache and two kittens that run underfoot all day! I do not feel to good, Stafford...

    3. Rum for the cold, chilli sauce and rum for the blocked nose, can't do much about the fever except after the other two concoctions you won't care and kittens taste great in brandy sauce. All fixed.

    4. Got your email and message over at my blog. I will have extra chill in tom yam kung, thank you!

      And you know I am a teetotaler!

    5. I think Rudy and I had a little bit too much fun and my whole body went in shock.

      Ha Ha! Let you simmer in tom yam kung over that!

  10. Boy that would be a SERIOUS problem for me what has to "go" about every 2 hours...

  11. Replies
    1. I thought so, but either her crack has been smudged out or she is a monobutt. Poor thing would need surgery more than a flap in the jammies!

  12. Ha ha, isnt that what the hole at the top is for ?

  13. A strategically placed area for a drop stitch or two could be the answer here.....or the glass at a struggle.......☺

  14. Ha, ha, ha. I so very much enjoyed this!


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