Monday, 26 November 2012

Points to watch when moving to Alaska.

Hey Ethel!
Where’s that old orange settee?
What Gran’pappy Scruggs gave to me?
I’m sure the pantechnicon
had all the furniture on
back at Gall’tin Tennessee!

 Hey Stanley!
You bought that settee new at Sears
and sat on it drinking for years.
caused disintegration;
the house falling down round your ears!

 Hey Reader!
Take heed of the moral here showed,
(such wisdom is rarely bestowed).
“If you’re moving house,
be sure your old couch
is in with the rest of the load!”

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  1. Feelin' all full of myself right now ... didn't have to Google 'pantechnicon.' Love the Tennessee twang, Mr. Ray!!

    1. For a Woonie who has moved house so many times, you would be dumb not to know that. I thought a 'pantechnicon' was a 'multicoloured jail bird'!

    2. Heehee - this is a fun one. Reminds me of how much I despise moving. :o)

  2. The sentimental value of things...

  3. Orange? Orange? Hmmm . . . red? But can't argue with the fun in the poem.

  4. I love your humor...I think I have told you this many times.

  5. Fresh and diffeent, and quite entertaining.

  6. Inebriation
    caused disintegration

    So entertaining! and great word play!

  7. Oh har! Good one Stafford! Russell still hasn't unpacked all his boxes in the garage - pretty soon it'll be Christmas and I'll just wrap up a few for him....chuckle

  8. Oh and by the way- I'm so miffed I am in the process of making a new blog on wordpress....whew it's work having to learn a new process! I'll let you know the new address once I have it ready! Cheers!

  9. Stafford,
    I would recommend that you read this :
    I loved it so much and wanted to share...

  10. May I follow your blog? I found you through Kathe W (above).

  11. I did have to look up pantechnicon & now I shall try to work it into our annual Christmas poem. Well, maybe not - don't want to make our relatives have to work TOO hard to understand the thing!

  12. :-):-):-):-):-) I just recently moved....and still have things left behind....but fortunately not the red setee! :-)

  13. a very good read indeed...nicely done and thanks for sharing

  14. My parents bought the sofa we grew up with at Sears...

  15. A heartwarming entry, Stafford! We old, stuffing-spilling comforters deserve this kind of recognition, given all the supporting years we put in!

  16. I felt like Charlie Buckett in the fllying bed with his grandparents with this one !

  17. Your whimsical attention to rhythm is beyond wonderful!

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