Tuesday 10 July 2012

A Poem for Wally

A poem written for Wally by his mother, Ella Turnbull in 1932
 My Son.
When my heart was dark and empty
And my courage was undone;
When Life’s grand promise, bountiful
Seemed forever to be gone
    God sent my son-
Infant hands, so sweet, so fragile,
Like the blossom in the spring;
But so potent was their message
To my heart, it could not sing
For my son filled all with light
   In victory won.

Then my way no more was darkened,
For my son filled all with light;
Little fingers, pointing, showed me
Jewels crowning every height
   Like stars in Heav’n.
Will he also look for beauty?
Will his heart be true and fine?
Gallant pressing ever upward,
Will he trace the truths sublime,
   That God has giv’n?

Brighter than a radiant morning,
Child, your image in my heart;
Grant that never shame shall touch it;
That your life may be apart
    From Sorrow dire;
May all loveliness enfold you,
And the truth be e’re your goal;
May you ever cherish beauty-
Keep it burning in your soul
    Like living fire.


  1. A Mother's poem to her son ~~ fierce love and unwavering devotion evident from the beginning.

  2. lovely tribute to her son-I love the line
    "Little fingers, pointing, showed me
    Jewels crowning every height
    Like stars in Heav’n."

  3. Wow, what a wonderful treasure for her son and as telling now as it would have been all those years ago.

  4. THat's really beautiful. Just so moving. It really touched me.


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